A new room for Eleonora Duse at the Museo Civico di Asolo

Museo Civico Asolo | Eleonora Duse

Did you know Eleonora Duse, the divine of Italian theatre? Asolo is preparing to celebrate the centenary of her death in grand style through a series of events that will allow anyone to discover this extraordinary artist and understand why she left an indelible mark on the history of theatre.

A new room for Eleonora Duse at the Museo Civico di Asolo

Museo Civico di Asolo | Eleonora Duse

In October 2023, the Museo Civico di Asolo will inaugurate an exhibition room totally dedicated to Eleonora Duse. This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Asolo, the Soprintendenza Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio of the metropolitan area of Venice and the financing of the Ministry of Culture.


Eleonora Duse had a special affection for Asolo, as she confided to Marco Praga in 1919. She wanted the small village to be her final resting place and in fact, when she passed away in 1924, she was buried in Asolo, just as she had wished.
Her daughter, Enrichetta Angelica Marchetti Bullogh, donated a collection of memorabilia belonging to her mother to the Museo Civico di Asolo, which led to the creation of the Duse Collection.

As the centenary of Duse’s death approaches in 2024, the Museum wants to celebrate the famous actress by presenting the collection in a completely new light.
Thanks to new technologies and museographic approaches, visitors will gain a broader and deeper perspective on the life and career of the artist.


The new room dedicated to Eleonora Duse includes various sections: from the ‘Room of Asolo’, which recounts the bond between the actress and the territory, to the section dedicated to her life on stage.
Part of the exhibition is dedicated to her dressing room, offering an intimate experience to visitors. The ‘Travel Room’, on the other hand, refers to the itinerant nature of Duse, always on the move between one tour and the next.

There are also a series of portraits and photographs of the actress and, to further enrich the experience, one can view a docufilm that explores in depth the bond between Eleonora and Asolo.

Museo Civico Asolo | Duse

DUSE 2024

The city of Asolo also announces ‘DUSE 2024’, a year of celebrations with a calendar full of events.
The full calendar is available at www.duse2024.it.

The centenary of Eleonora Duse promises to be an exciting journey into the life of one of the most emblematic figures of Italian theatre, and Asolo is ready to welcome fans and onlookers from all over the world.

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