Paintings that look like photographs: inspirations from the art world

Luciano Ventrone | dipinti che sembrano foto


How many times have you thought there are paintings that look like photographs, and for this very reason are beautiful?
These artworks are more real than the real, and describe reality for what it is, and maybe even better. Looking at these paintings you feel like you can touch the objects or talk to people depicted, who seem alive.

In this post you’ll find a selection of artists who make paintings that look like photographs.

Paintings that look like photographs

paintings looking like photographs | Luciano Ventrone

Luciano Ventrone

Still-life paintings by Luciano Ventrone

Luciano Ventrone is one of the most internationally known Italian artists. He exhibited his works in the world’s most important museums and art galleries from Rome to Milan, from London to Singapore, from New York to Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In his artworks he creates suggestive worlds, full of past experiences and emotion. The choice of the subjects links him to the greatest painters of the past; however his attention to application of paint, treatment of colour and light put him among contemporary artists.

The Luciano Ventrone house-museum, which houses the artist’s works, personal objects and documents, has recently been opened to the public.

Visit his official website to admire all his artworks

Large-scale portraits by Clio Newton

Artist Clio Newton creates large-scale portraits of women.
Her artworks can reach massive size and depict photographic details of faces, hair, bodies.

Visit her Instagram profile to admire other artworks –

Clio Newton

Clio Newton

Glass sculptures imitating plastic and water by Dylan Martinez

Artist Dylan Martinez mixes sculpture and glassmaking to create hyper-realistic plastic bags of water. Through these artworks, the artist proposes an alternative way to look at the world and encourage us to marvel.

On his official website you can admire his most spectacular creations

glass sculptures | Dylan Martinez

Dylan Martinez

If you want to discover other talented contemporary artists who use peculiar techniques and materials to create their artworks, read the post dedicated to paper artworks. You’ll find some artists that by using paper create amazing artworks!

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