Paolo Uccello’s epic Battle of San Romano

img Battaglia di San Romano

Have you ever been fascinated by the narrative and visual power of a work of art? Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in a historical moment through the brushes and palettes of the great masters? With this post I will take you on a journey through time and beauty, exploring Paolo Uccello’s epic Battle of San Romano, a masterpiece that captures the very essence of victory and art.
Welcome to the fascinating and enthralling world of this extraordinary painted panel.

The Epic Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello: analysis and description

img La Battaglia di San Romano Paolo Uccello

Back in 1432, an event took place in Pisa that would change the course of history. An epic battle between the Florentines and the Sienese troops, led by the Duke of Milan, took place at San Romano. Imagine being there, feeling the adrenaline and tension of the action, seeing Niccolò da Tolentino, the brave commander of the Florentine army, raise his staff and deftly strike Bernardino della Carda, the opposing leader.
The poles and crossbows skilfully drawn by Paolo Uccello, slightly tilted towards the future Florentine triumph, already reveal the outcome of the battle.


The beating heart of this extraordinary visual narrative lies in Paolo Uccello’s famous Battle of San Romano on display at the Uffizi in Florence. This exceptional work of art is the centrepiece of a cycle that unfolds through several paintings, capturing key moments of the battle.
The story begins with the imposing figure of Niccolò da Tolentino, painted today in the National Gallery in London, and culminates with the attack of Michelotto da Cotignola, a loyal Florentine ally, immortalised in the panel in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
In the Uffizi panel Niccolò strikes with his staff Bernardino della Carda, the opposing leader of the Sienese troops and the alliance of the Duke of Milan. Around them, the fury of the battle unfolds in all its intensity.
The tilted poles and outstretched crossbows already suggest the outcome in favour of the Florentines, heralding their imminent victory.

The work reveals Paolo Uccello’s expertise in portraying every single detail with extraordinary precision. The gleaming armour of the Florentine warriors, the gracefully intertwined orange fronds and even the subtlest play of light and shadow, all come to life under the artist’s masterly brush. Every stroke, every colour, seems to dance on the canvas, evoking a sense of movement and three-dimensionality that envelops the viewer.
The Uffizi is not simply a work of art, but a portal that transports us back in time, allowing us to witness one of the crucial moments in Florentine history with new and fascinated eyes.


The work is not only an artistic triumph, but also a fresco of Florentine history. Lionardo Bartolini Salimbeni, a prominent figure in 15th century political life, commissioned this decorative cycle to adorn his palace in Florence.
Initially, the panels had an upper arched form, designed to fit the arches of an elegant hall. Through the years and the hands of successive custodians, the paintings found a home in the palace of Lorenzo the Magnificent, who entrusted their modification to Paolo Uccello, the brilliant artist behind this fascinating pictorial cycle.

A close look at the work reveals refined details that reveal its connection to the powerful Medici family. Corner additions reveal orange fronds, symbolising the Medici’s ‘mala medica’.
Paolo Uccello, a virtuoso of perspective, has created a breathtaking panorama of armour and harnesses, using metal leaf to lend richness and chromatic brilliance to the work.

Paolo Uccello’s work not only captures the imagination but also challenges perspective itself. The masterfully studied foreshortened bodies emphasise the viewpoint from below, a skilful choice dictated by the original placement of the panels in Lionardo Bartolini’s high palace.

img La Battaglia di San Romano di Paolo Uccello

The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello is not just a painting, but a journey through history and art, an open window on an epic moment.
Images, perspectives and intricate details merge into a single masterpiece that continues to inspire and fascinate visitors today. Surrender to the emotions of this fascinating iconic cycle and let yourself be transported back in time to the skirmishes and victories of a bygone era.

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