Rome in two days: what to do in a weekend

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Soaking up the historical and artistic beauty of Rome in two days? Rome is not only the capital of Italy, but also a city that holds some of the world’s most extraordinary artistic and architectural treasures.
In this itinerary, I will guide you through a selection of places that capture the essence of this eternal city, allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable experience in just two days.

Rome in two days



We begin our adventure in the Vatican Gardens, a sublime example of an Italian garden, which covers almost half the territory of Vatican City.
These gardens were created during the Renaissance, reworked during the Baroque period and are a true oasis of peace.
As you stroll among elaborate fountains, ancient sculptures and meticulously manicured flower beds, you will feel the history and spirituality that permeate this place.


After exploring the Vatican Gardens, explore the Pontifical Gardens. These gardens offer a breathtaking view of the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope.
The Apostolic Palace is not just a building but a complex of history, art and religion. The architecture is majestic and the interiors are decorated with priceless works of art, making it a true jewel of the city of Rome.



The second day begins with a visit to the Colosseo, the undisputed symbol of Rome.
This ancient amphitheatre, one of the largest ever built, has witnessed gladiator fights, spectacles and historical dramas.
As you walk through its imposing ruins, you will feel transported back in time, imagining your own sphere and the emotions of those ancient spectacles.


After the Colosseum, you absolutely must visit the Foro Romano and the Palatino, the heart of ancient Rome.
The Roman Forum was the centre of public life in Rome, with temples, basilicas and lively markets. Every stone in this place tells a story of power, politics and daily life.
Not far away is the Palatine Hill, one of the oldest parts of the city and linked to many Roman legends, including the myth of Romulus and Remus. From here, you can also enjoy a spectacular view of the Imperial Forums.

This two-day itinerary in Rome offers you an immersion in the history, art and culture of a city that has shaped the world in countless ways.
Each step in this city is a journey through history, each corner revealing a piece of its eternal soul.
Are you ready to be fascinated and inspired by Rome, the eternal city?

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