Simone Geraci. ROT

Simone Geraci


From September 29th to October 22nd 2016 the Burning Giraffe Art Gallery in Turin will host Simone Geraci’s solo exhibition entitled ROT.

Simone Geraci (born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1985) is a young painter, an engraver, an illustrator, who works with national and international art galleries and with many publishing houses.

On the occasion of this exhibition in Turin, he painted intense female portraits, using different techniques: engraving, oil painting on canvas and oil painting on slate. The most interesting feature of Simone Geraci’s research is his ability to exploit the material and the natural colour of a stone such as the slate, transforming it from a mere support into an integral part of the artwork.

The exclusive use of many shades of a unique colour, red, emphasizes and intensifies a sensation of isolation of the depicted subjects.

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Simone Geraci | ritratto su ardesia

Simone Geraci. ROT
From 29th september to 22nd october 2016
Burning Giraffe Art Gallery
Via Eusebio Bava 8/a, 10124, Torino


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