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I do love music, and I write each post of this blog accompanied by background music (and this post is no exception).
I listen to music practically at any time of the day, because music inspires me, keeps me company, and it has been a constant of my life since I was a child, since my parents played vinyl discs at home, among which there are some pieces of history of music which are stuck in my mind.

At last, during the Meracanteinfiera I bought my first record player, because I had some vinyl discs I really cared about and which I could listen to only at my parents’ home.
Now, at last, I can listen to these discs also at my home, and I had the good fortune to find a record player in good working condition and ready to play the latest discs I bought.

The De Agostini Publishing is bringing back to the newsagent’s the music of the Beatles on vinyl, and I’ve started the collection.
The Beatles Vinyl Collection includes “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “Abbey Road”, “Help!” and “Let It Be”, which are the symbols of a generation.

The music of the Beatles has changed the history of music, and their LPs are still considered to be some of the best recordings of pop music ever released. I couldn’t miss them!
The Beatles Vinyl Collection is a collection consisting of 23 issues and is for sale at the newsagent’s every two weeks.

Each album is accompanied by a magazine full of spectacular images which illustrate the steps which led to the release of each album.
You can either buy the collection at the newsagent’s or you can take out a subscription (to the website


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4 thoughts on “The Beatles Vinyl Collection

  1. Ciao Caterina, the Beatles had close links with artists from the British Pop Art movement. Peter Blake designed the cover for ‘Sgt. Pepper.’ and Richard Hamilton (the ‘father’ of Pop Art) designed the cover for ‘The Beatles’ or the ‘White Album’ as everyone calls it. Also, when Stuart Sutcliffe (the bass player in the original line-up of the Beatles) left the group, he attended the Hamburg State Art College where Eduardo Paolozzi was his painting tutor.

  2. Purtroppo ho acquistato la dei Beatles. In edicola ho riscontrato che alcuni pezzi la parte cantata non si sente x niente o molto in lontananza si sente solo la base musicale molto alta chiedo il perché

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