The world’s best restaurants inside a museum

Arengario Milano | ristorante

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When I visit a museum I always hope that I will find inside it a restaurant or at least a nice café where I can eat a tasty dish and enjoy a view of the city I’m in.
I must confess that I’m not always pleased with it, but there are some very special places.

I’ve already published a list of the 8 best restaurants inside a museum, but I have treasured your suggestions and I must add 5 restaurants you tried out to that list (and I went to one of these restaurants after you recommended to me!)

Here is the list of the world’s best restaurants inside a museum.
Choose the restaurant which tickles your fancy!

1. Nerua, Guggenheim Bilbao

The Guggenheim museum in Bilbao is one of the most fascinating museums of contemporary art in Spain.
In addition to artworks on exhibition, Nerua is another good reason to visit it, because in addition to good cuisine, it offers a wonderful view on river Nervion.

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guggenheim bilbao | restaurant

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2. Giacomo Arengario al Museo del Novecento, Milan

In the very centre of Milan, the Palazzo dell’Arengario is a point of reference not only for those who visit the Museo del Novecento (the Museum of the 20th century), but also for those who are in Piazza Duomo.
The restaurant located inside the museum offers traditional Milanese and Italian dishes, with a spectacular view on the Duomo.

museo del novecento | ristorante

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3. Rex Whistler al Tate Britain, London

This museum is the home of British art, both contemporary and from the past, and tries to recognize future trends.
Its restaurant is frequented both by tourists and Londoners, and the frescoes decorating the room will give you the sensation of being inside a masterpiece.

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Tate Britain | restaurant

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4. Untitled at Whitney museum, New York

One of New York’s most famous museums and an unforgettable culinary experience.
The museum hosts a restaurant with a refined menu worthy of the best award-winning restaurant.

Whitney Museum | restaurant

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4. MCA Cafe al Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

On the museum’s highest floor, this is not an award-winning restaurant, but for all budgets. It’ the best place to have lunch while admiring Sidney Harbour and the famous Sydney Opera House.
Their speciality is Fish and Chips!


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