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This is the section dedicated to art cities and to everything you can do and see in Venice.
My aim is to help you to plan your next trip, in order to simplify your search for information.
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Anyone who arrives in Venice for the first time, immediately realizes that the city is not a place where there are a lot of museums to visit, but rather it’s Venice itself that is an open-air museum.
Among many museums, in fact, there are some of the world’s most prestigious exhibition areas, but alsomarvellouspalaces that have become important museums after being the residences of prominent personalities.
For this reason, Venice is a magical place for art lovers.


You’re probably wondering where to start from to visit Venice’s museums and not to miss out on the most important ones.
Here are the museums you must start from to begin discovering the city:

  • Doge’s Palace – because inside its rooms you’ll find the political, economic and military history of the city described by masterpieces painted by great artists (such as Titian and Tintoretto, for example).
    For further information read the post I dedicated to the Doge’s Palace in Venice,  where you’ll find the history of the building and you’ll understand why it’s the first museum you should visit.
  • Museo Correr – to admire the great masterpieces of Venetian art. The Museo Correr houses works of art, books and documents and is the best museum where to admire paintings by the most important Venetian artists.
  • Ca’ Rezzonico – is the museum of the 18th-century Venice, located in a building which was the residence of a powerful Venetian family.
    Its rooms house paintings and art objects that will make you understand a little bit more how the city was at the time of Giacomo Casanova.
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection – to visit Venice and discover its contemporary soul. The city was the last residence of art collector Peggy Guggenheim, who in her home overlooking the Grand Canal, left the most important art collection of early 20th-century works.
    To the museum and the figure of Peggy I dedicated the post The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice heart and soul where you’ll find some curiosities about this amazing museum.

Events and Exhibitions

What to see in Venice if you’re looking for interesting art exhibitions?
The city boasts a richprogrammeof art exhibitions all year round and it would be impossible to make a complete list.
However, I dedicated two specific posts to events taking place in Venice this year.

Do you want a piece of advice?
Don’t miss out on the 58th Venice Biennale and all collateral events.
Below you’ll find two links to choose what to see. In the first one you’ll find the list of the most interesting exhibitions, in the other all information about the Biennale.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

Exhibitions in Venice 2019: all the unmissable events
Biennale Arte 2019 what to see: the Pavillions and the exhibitions

Places of cultural interest

Not only museums and exhibitions, here is what to see in Veniceif you want to discover the most unusual and authentic aspect of the city.
As far I’m concerned,  the best way to visit the city is to walk and get lost among the calli (narrow alleys), because it’s just when you don’t know where to go that you’ll find before the entrance of a church full of treasures or a place that watched historic personalities, more or less famous, go by.

There are several tourist attractions in Venice I could put on the list, but I only want to suggest the most charming, or rather the place I consider a point of reference.
It’s the Rialto Bridge, paintedby many artists over the centuries,and the place where I love to meet someone when I’m in Venice.

In the surroundings of the Rialto Bridge, in addition, there are some places where I often eat and that, in my opinion, are the best in Venice. But this is another story and you’ll find the list of these places where you can eat like a local in the post Where to eat in Venice.


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