Tickets for the Doge’s Palace in Mantua: how to book

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Booking tickets for the Doge’s Palace in Mantua is the equivalent of buying tickets to take a journey through art and history, visiting just one place. This is what you should do if you dream of walking through the halls of a palace that tells the story and art of the Italian Renaissance.
The Palazzo Ducale in Mantua is a true Renaissance jewel just waiting to be explored, but how do you book tickets for this amazing journey through time? In this post, I will reveal how to do it and also tell you why a visit to this palace is an experience not to be missed.

Tickets for the Doge’s Palace in Mantua: how to book and take a journey through art and history

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The Doge’s Palace in Mantua is a complex of historic buildings that conceals stories and artistic masterpieces in every room, corridor and corner. Mantegna’s famous Bridal Chamber is one of the highlights of the visit, as the room designed by Andrea Mantegna at the behest of the Gonzaga family represents a masterpiece of 15th-century Italian art.


Booking tickets for the Doge’s Palace in Mantua is quick and easy. Just visit the official website PALAZZO DUCALE (WITH WEDDING ROOM) AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM to choose the date and time of your visit.
I recommend booking in advance to ensure access, especially during the summer tourist season.

There is only one ticket and it allows you to visit the entire Doge’s Palace in Mantua, so once you are inside you can visit the Castle of San Giorgio and admire Mantegna’s Bridal Chamber, continuing on to the Old Court and the National Archaeological Museum. Each room will leave you speechless.
Allow at least two hours for the visit.

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A visit to the Ducal Palace in Mantua is not only an immersion in the beauty of art, but also a journey through history.
From the magnificent Bridal Chamber to the recent return of Napoleon’s Bed, passing through the Gallery of the Metamorphoses and allowing you to understand what the Gonzaga’s Chamber of Wonders was like, the palace is an open book on different historical periods.
Its architecture and collections will leave you breathless, as they narrate the greatness of the Gonzaga family, lords of Mantua.


Mantua is not only the Ducal Palace. In fact, the city offers a variety of museums and historical sites. Take a look at the post where I described what to see at the Doge’s Palace in Mantua to start your trip knowing exactly what to see and to plan your visit to the city’s most important palace. Then, don’t miss the other unmissable works of art in Mantua and I recommend you follow the itinerary of Giulio Romano’s works in Mantua to discover another great artist active in the city during the Renaissance.
Finally, explore the wealth of museums in Mantua for a complete cultural experience and be amazed by Palazzo Te

Booking tickets for the Doge’s Palace in Mantua is not just the same as buying entry to a museum, it means opening a door to a world of beauty, history and art. Take advantage of this opportunity, and the link to book, to immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Renaissance and discover the hidden treasures of Mantua.
Your cultural adventure is about to begin. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this wonderful history. Mantua is waiting for you!

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