Tuttomondo: The Pisa’s mural in Pisa by Keith Haring

Keith Haring | Tuttomondo | Pisa

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On the wall of the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, in Pisa, there’s the last public work painted by Keith Haring.
It’s a large mural painted in 1989, entitled Tuttomondo (Allworld – The Pisa’s Mural ) and dedicated to universal peace.

You know how much I like Keith Haring.
I visited the exhibition “Keith Haring. About art” in Milan with great enthusiasm, like a child in the playground, and feeling the excitement of going to a rock concert.
Because Keith Haring is the artist who, more than others, can interpret my life and express my desire for happiness.

Keith Haring | Pisa

For me Keith Haring is the artist of happiness and love of life, and in the post containing 5 things to know about Keith Haring I described his life, that in the period in which the artist painted this mural was not exactly happy.
Few months later Haring would die of AIDS.
Though, that didn’t prevent him from accepting the invitation to come to Italy, where he decided to paint his last public world in Pisa.

This way, the world of Keith Haring originated from an insignificant wall.
The message of peace is conveyed by all characters of the painting, and in this short video I’ll show you all its parts.

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