What to see in Monza

Villa Reale Monza


What to see in Monza. At first sight, Monza looks a royal city. Everything is elegant and refined along its street and in its corners, and I believe that it was no coincidence that Empress Theodelinda wanted Monza to be the capital of the Longobard Empire.

In the 7th century Monza was the most important administrative and economic centre of Lombardy.

Duomo Monza

What to see in Monza -in the morning

If you have got only one day at your disposal to visit the city, you should start from the Villa Reale (the Royal Villa) of Monza, where the royal family of Austria, Napoleon and King Humbert I of Savoy stayed.
The Palace was built on commission from Maria Theresa of Habsburg for his son Ferdinand of Austria.
In the area north of the Villa and the Royal Gardens there’s Monza park, the fourth largest walled park in Europe.

Empress Maria Theresa commissioned many others buildings in Lombardy, including the Teresiana Library, about which I talked on the occasion of my journey to Mantua.
One of the typical dishes of Monza is the “risotto con salsiccia” (“risotto and sausages”) you can eat in very restaurant.

What to see in Monza -in the afternoon

The second important leg of your visit to Monza should be the Duomo (the Cathedral), which encloses a priceless collection of artworks and symbols of the power of ancient times, such as the Iron Crown of Lombardy housed in the Chapel of Theodelinda that, according to the legend, contains one of the nails used at the Crucifixion of Jesus. The Duomo’s Museum and the Duomo’s Treasure, as well, house a series of masterpieces from the time of Queen Theodelinda, including the Cross of Theodelinda, belonged to the Queen herself, and the Cross of Berengar, in use for the coronation rite of the Kings of Italy.

In the evening Monza may be magic, and having a dinner in the neighbourhood of the Arengario, the old 13th– century town hall located in the centre of the city is almost a must.

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Villa Reale Monza | scalaVilla Reale Monza | dettaglio

Villa Reale di Monza | Salone da ballo

Villa Reale di Monza – Salone da ballo

Villa Reale Monza | Parco

Villa Reale Monza – Parco

Villa Reale Monza | interni

Villa Reale Monza – interni

Duomo di Monza

Duomo di Monza – interni


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