Didactic workshop: contemporary art for children

arte bambini | musei Venezia


After telling you what books I use to introduce “my princesses” to art, in this post I’ll explain what didactic workshops organized in Venice by the Pinault Foundation to introduce children to contemporary art are.

In fact, until December 3rd 2017 “Treasure from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”, crazy and spectacular exhibition by Damien Hirst, is on view at the venues of the Foundation in Venice.
As I wrote in the post in which I talked about my visit (read about Damien Hirst in Venice), I liked the exhibition, and because I believe that it’s one-of-a-kind event, I decided to take “my princesses” to see it, and obviously I seized the moment and I saw the exhibition again.

I booked one of the workshops organized by the Palazzo Grassi Museum and Punta della Dogana Museum and dedicated to small visitors, and I addressed some questions to Alexis Sornin, responsible for didactic activities.
Here is what she told me.

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Jack Jano. Law of Superposition

Jack Jano | arte Venezia


During my visit to the Venice Biennale I discovered Jack Jano.
In addition to several events and 4 good reasons to go to the Venice Biennale 2017, walking around the city and finding some exhibitions, maybe small but very interesting, has never been so fun.

While I was wandering, I found the exhibition area of One Contemporary Art displaying works by Jack Jano, artist born in Morocco in 1949, who wanted to be an actor, but the vicissitudes of life led him to dedicate himself to art, or maybe it was art that found him.

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Andrea Prandi: The Blossoming Soul

Andrea Prandi

12.05.2017 Venezia. 57 Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte. Padiglione Guatemala. Andrea Prandi.

The art of Andrea Prandi ranges freely from canvas painting to illustration, through to photography and digital art, screenplay and film direction. In his most recent production, “The Four Seasons of the Soul” (Le Quattro Stagioni dell’Anima), the artist combines video art and photography to tell the evolutionary story of the soul as it changes over time in its constant search for itself.

Andrea Prandi has continued his The Four Seasons of the Soul series with an ambitious project that combines video art with a complex film installation called The Blossoming Soul (L’Anima in Fiore), which was presented on 12 May on the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale, in the Guatemala National Pavilion.
I asked the artist a question about his work.

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The hands by Lorenzo Quinn in Venice

Lorenzo Quinn - mani giganti Venezia


You’ll find outside the borders of the Arsenale and the Giardini venues the most interesting things of the Venice Biennale 2017, as I’ve already told you in the post I wrote about my visit at Venice Biennale 2017 to the most important International Art Exhibition. But in that post I suggest that you see Venice and lose yourself in everything the city can offer you.

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Take the first vaporetto sailing down the Grand Canal, and when you are near the Rialto Bridge you’ll see two giant hands supporting the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel.
Those hands are “Support”, an artwork by Lorenzo Quinn.
I asked the artist some questions, so that he could explain me the true meaning of those hands. That’s what he said to me.

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