5 things to know about chapel of Sansevero in Naples

Sansevero chapel | Naples museums


In Naples, near Piazza San Domenico (San Domenico Square), there’s the Chapel of Sansevero.
It is a 16th- century building, completely restored by Prince Raimondo di Sangro during the 18th century, that houses some marvellous works of art.

5 things to know about the Chapel of Sansevero.


When you visit the Chapel of Sansevero, you enter a world made of symbols and mysteries, bound up with the Enlightenment, Freemasonry and the charming personality of a man who created this place thanks his love for beauty and science.


Prince Raimondo of Sansevero was born in Torre Maggiore, in the province of Foggia, in 1710.
He proved to be good at Art, Science and Technique when he studied at the Jesuit College in Rome.
He approached the Freemasonry environment due to his passion for sciences and alchemy.

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The Christ Veiled | chapel of Sansevero in Naples

“Il Cristo Velato” (The Christ Veiled) created by Giuseppe Sammartini.


The Chapel was considered a dark place because of Raimondo’s odd personality and his passion for alchemy.
It was said that that he had manage to change the blood of two living young guys into stone. After Raimondo’s death the legend enriched with other details when two skeletons, whose arteries and veins were clearly visible, were found in the underground of the chapel.


Raimondo himself participated in the decoration of the chapel.
The chapel contains references to the Enlightenment and Freemasonry, but Raimondo also wanted to praise his own family.
The works inside the chapel began in 1740 and marvellous sculptures are housed there. The attention to details, especially to drapery and parts of the body is amazing.

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chapel of Sansevero | Naples museums


The most beautiful sculpture housed in the Chapel are: “La Pudicizia” (The Veiled Truth) by Antonio Corradini, dedicated to Cecilia Gaetani dell’Aquila d’Aragona, mother of the Prince, who had died when Raimondo was a child; “Il Cristo Velato” (The Christ Veiled) created by Giuseppe Sammartino in 1753. This sculpture gained the admiration of Antonio Canova.

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chapel of Sansevero | The Veiled Truth

La Pudicizia” (The Veiled Truth) by Antonio Corradini

Via Francesco De Sanctis, 19/21
80134 Napoli (NA)

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  1. You cannot take picture in the Chapel. Even with no flash! You cannot also use your mobile phone [I think this is illegal]. If they see you with your mobile in the hands they come to you to ask to put it back!! Again this can only happen in Naples. I think it is illegal. You must pay for the guide [on top of the ticket]

    • The photos you see in the blog are authorised for publication. However, in many museums in the world it is not possible to take photos, in Italy and also in the rest of the world.

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