Contemporary art: on a rainy day in a wood I met a firefly

Pluvio Umbrella | photographers | Duncan Meerdin


Contemporary art is not only made up of incomprehensible works of art, turn canvasses or absurd performances.
Some of you don’t understand it, some love it, and others are completely uninterested in the topic.

I do like contemporary art, and in this post, whose title is surreal, but that you will understand if you read it up to the end, I will show you what has amazed me the most in the last few weeks.

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Pluvio Umbrella is bringing art to rainy days with their limited edition, artist designed umbrellas. They have 7 designs from 7 popular contemporary artists. Umbrellas are made with premium materials, including wind-storm safe frames and fibreglass ribs.

Only 200 of each are made and they will not be re-stocked. Pluvio Umbrella is based in Vancouver Canada and ships worldwide.

Check out for more!

Pluvio Umbrella | Alex Pardee

Pluvio Umbrella | Chuck Anderons

Summer is holiday time, relax time and fun time. But for some photographers summer is fireflies time in Japan.
These insects appear between May and June, and only at specific times: from 7 pm to 9 am.

You can see fireflies throughout Japan, and the most talented photographers take pictures like these, taken by Hiroyuki Shinohara and Miyu.

photographers | fireflies in Japan

Credits photo – Miyu

fireflies | Japan

Duncan Meerdin highlights natural cracks in wasted logs, and he is able to transform them into magical lamps.
Thanks to the latest LED light –I wrote about the possibilities of its use inside art museums- Meerdin can lights up the log from the inside, creating something completely new.

You can see his creations on Duncan Meerding.

Duncan Meerdin | highlights

Foto di Jan Dallas. (tratte da My Modern Met, Inhabitat)

duncan meerding | led light

Foto di Jan Dallas. (tratte da My Modern Met, Inhabitat)



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