How to decorate your home in Baroque style: the unmissable objects

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How to decorate your home in Baroque style with few elements which will make your home sophisticated and elegant? How can you obtain an elegant but not excessive style?
After the post How to decorate your home in Art Nouveau style, here are my tips for those who love refined furniture and a style that resembles the Palace of Versailles.

How to decorate your home in Baroque style

Decorate your home in Baroque style in not easy, because among lead glass lamps, brass handles and furniture with eccentric decoration you may run the risk of exaggerating and transforming your home into a place far from refined.

How to avoid exaggeration and kitsch effect?

All you need is to mix Baroque furniture with sober objects, by playing on contrasts.

If you’re an antique enthusiast you can choose furniture you can find in flea markets, if, instead, you’re not or you don’t have the time to look for period furniture you can find many reproductions, at an affordable price.

Here are my advice on how to decorate your home in Baroque style and which objects you should buy.


Mix antique and modern objects– Baroque objects soon capture attention, and for this reason you need to match them with simpler elements, preferably of contemporary style.

So, a lavish chair can be mixed with a design table or matched with a vase with simple lines; while a sofa with an elegant colour and fabric can be put next to a modern small table.
Decorating by mixing different elements will be fun and the result will be very elegant.

The unmissable object is the Baroque Armchair Louis XV 

Baroque armchair

Baroque Armchair Louis XV

Use irony – if you decorate your home completely in Baroque style you might obtain rooms too gloomy and serious, that’s why when you choose the furniture the code word is: downplay.

Remember that irony will make your home elegant but welcoming at the same time, so you can use gold frames decorated with curlicues but provided that they contain paintings, modern prints or even a blackboard. Or choose dark and eccentric furniture, but put them in a room with a very coloured carpet.
Don’t curb your imagination!

Baroque frame | blackboard

The Baroque frame can be transformed into a blackboard

Experiment – choosing Baroque style means giving the rooms of your home a well-defined personality.

Matching decorations and unusual colours will make you an experimenter. What is important is not exaggerate, and remember that to decorate your home in perfect Baroque style you need to match eccentric furniture with modern objects or with simple lines.

The unmissable object is the  ELEGANT SEATING BENCH “CHARLOTTE” with button stapling

rosé seating bench | Baroque style


Modern materials and bright colours –unless you want to build a really Baroque place and feel like the Sun King in Versailles at your home, the Baroque style has to seem contemporary to be very effective.
For example, you can’t renounce a lead glass lamp, but if it is made of modern materials such as resin or plastic it becomes an amazing Baroque piece of furniture. Golden or dark wood furniture is another must in a home decorated in Baroque style, but if instead of gold you use yellow the room will be soon full of vitality.

The unmissable object is the Bourgie Lamp by Kartell.

Kartell | Bourgie Lamp

The Bourgie Lamp by Kartell

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