The dissonant image of Rodolfo Aricò

Rodolfo Aricò | Assonometria orfica

Rodolfo Aricò
Assonometria orfica (rossa), 1968 Olio su tela, 100,5×80 cm
Courtesy A arte Invernizzi, Milano Foto Bruno Bani, Milano


The A arte Invernizzi gallery presents an exhibition entitled Rodolfo Aricò: l’immagine dissonante (Rodolfo Aricò: the dissonant image), curated by Francesca Pola, in which the artist’s most representative works created in the 1960s and 1980s are exhibited.

The exhibition is realised in collaboration with the Rodolfo Aricò Archive and presents works by Rodolfo Aricò in which geometric structuring is conceived as a composite and dynamic element in relation to the activation of space.

The dissonant image of Rodolfo Aricò

Rodolfo Aricò | Naturans

Rodolfo Aricò
Naturans, 1986
Acrilico su tela, 220×230 cm
Courtesy A arte Invernizzi, Milano Foto Bruno Bani, Milano

On the lower floor of the gallery are works from the 1980s with which Rodolfo Aricò deepened the organic aspect in luminosity, in concentrations of chromatic matter, in tonal emphases of margins and joints, and in colour drippings.
A research work that, in the second half of the 1980s, led the artist to shape, cut, and break the material, also producing compositions of several frames.

The upper floor of the gallery, on the other hand, displays the less recent works, those from the 1960s, in which the interlocking shapes and perceptual illusions presuppose a complex relationship between form and colour. There are also works from the Prospettive cycle, dedicated to the assimilation and reconsideration of the works of Paolo Uccello.

Rodolfo Aricò | Per Paolo Uccello

Rodolfo Aricò
“Per Paolo Uccello”, 1970 Olio su tela, 48,5×96 cm
Courtesy A arte Invernizzi, Milano Foto Bruno Bani, Milano

On the occasion of the exhibition, a bilingual volume on the complete oeuvre of Rodolfo Aricò will also be published, edited by Francesca Pola fondato.
The monograph intends to offer an overall view of the artist’s work from an international perspective with images of works, historical photographs and documents, a selection of the artist’s writings and critical texts that have punctuated his career, a focus by Angela Faravelli on the relationship between work and architecture and an updated bio-bibliographical apparatus.

The Dissonant Image of Rodolfo Aricò
Curated by Francesca Pola
From 15 September to 15 December 20220
Galleria A arte Invernizzi, Milan

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