Biscione as a symbol of Milan

Biscione | Milan

The emblem of Visconti, is the symbol of Milan

Biscione as a symbol of Milan. The symbol of the city of Milan is the biscione, a snake in the act of consuming a child, which was the emblem of the House of Visconti for centuries.

As the symbol of Milan, the biscione is also associated with the football club Inter Milan, the car manufacturer Alfa Romeo and the logo of the private television network Canale 5 (Channel 5).

Where does this symbol come from?

Castello Sforzesco | Biscione

The biscione as a symbol of Milan in the Castello Sforzesco.

According to the legend, Ottone Visconti in 1100, during the Second Crusade, led an army of Milanese citizens in the siege of Jerusalem, and challenged the cruel Saracen Voluce to a duel. Voluce’s coat of arms was a snake devouring a man.
Ottone killed the Saracen, took his weapons and his symbol and brought it to Milan and decided to adopt the warrior’s coat of arm as his own.
The symbol of the House of Visconti was born and the biscione as a symbol of Milan.

The man consumed by the snake was replaced by a red Saracen and later became a child, with the aim of showing the goodness of the Visconti’s snake.
There are other legends about the origin of the biscione, but this is my favourite one, and I think about it every time I see the symbol around the city.

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Central Station | Biscione | Milan

The biscione as a symbol of Milan in the Central Station.

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  1. In my opinion, the meaning of this symbol used in the Visconti family and alfa romeo logo is this:
    As we have already mentioned, Kundalini is a female energy, rising upward from the “main native” path called “Soushumna”, rising upward in head and chakra seventh. Chakra crown Or the seventh contains male energy, and due to the combination of kundalini and crown chakra energies in the area of ​​the skull, there is an internal fertilization that will open the third eye.
    In this picture is a baby’s birth, which means the opening of the third eye. Very nice and allegorical address. At the same time, pay attention to the seven-step chakra and snake body screws
    ps: The snake usually does not blow your bait off the legs.

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