The Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche

img Lady Jane Grey di Paul Delaroche

Have you ever wondered what lies behind a painting? What can a work of art represent beyond brushstrokes and colours? With this post, I want to take you on a fascinating discovery, a forgotten story that has been made immortal thanks to the brush of Paul Delaroche. Through his painting, we are catapulted into the 16th century, into the era of the Tudors, to meet an unfortunate and little-known figure: Lady Jane Grey.

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche

img Lady Jane Grey Delaroche dettaglio

In 16th century England, where power struggles and succession battles dominated the scene, the story emerges of the young princess Lady Jane Grey, destined for a tragic fate.
Her life unfolds in the Tudor era, with its tangled web of politics and religion. A time when not even kings were safe, when the temporal and spiritual power of Henry VIII Tudor ruled and an ominous shadow loomed over his subjects.

The delicate figure of Jane Grey stands out in this historical storm.


Born in 1537, a direct descendant of the Tudors, Jane grew up under the protective but also oppressive wing of her lineage. Highly educated and with an uncommon depth of thought, young Jane was distinguished by her intellectual abilities.
Her study of Plato’s Phaedo in Greek, at the age of only twelve, speaks volumes about her brilliant mind.

However, her intelligence and nobility did not preserve her from court intrigue.
Given in marriage to the young Guilford Dudley, Jane became a pawn in the hands of family ambitions.
Through a series of ingenious manoeuvres, Jane was elevated to the throne of England when she was only sixteen years old, but her reign lasted only nine days. The assertion of rights by the one who was considered the rightful heir sparked a popular uprising, robbing Jane of the throne and sentencing her to eight months imprisonment in the Tower of London and later to death.


A tragic story that history soon forgot. It was the French painter Paul Delaroche who recovered the memory of Lady Jane Grey and her tragic story.
Delaroche depicts on canvas the fatal moment before Jane Grey’s execution, capturing the emotion and tragic beauty of this historic moment.

Looking at the painting, the young Jane Grey takes centre stage, her white dress representing both her purity and her sacrificed innocence. Her trembling hands reaching for the log, her eyes blindfolded and her face mixed with terror and disbelief, all bring out the human drama unfolding. Beside her, the dean of St. Paul’s Church supports her in the last step towards the gallows, while the executioner calmly awaits his task.

Despite the brevity of her reign and her marginal position in history, Delaroche made Lady Jane Grey an unforgettable figure through her art.
The painting offers us a window into the past, an intimate view of the tragedy that unfolded. The choice to depict the moment before the execution gives depth and humanity to an otherwise forgotten figure.

img Lady Jane Grey di Delaroche dettaglio


If you are fascinated by the story of Lady Jane Grey and wish to admire Paul Delaroche’s masterful touch, you don’t have to look too far. The work is part of the collection at the National Gallery in London, an institution that holds some of the most extraordinary works of art in history. In the majestic setting of this gallery, you can immerse yourself in the intensity of the work and appreciate every detail Delaroche captured.

Thus, through the brush of Paul Delaroche, the story of Lady Jane Grey is brought to light and made tangible for future generations. His painting is not just a work of art, but a journey through time, a bridge connecting the past to the present.
This small and tragic story joins the vast mosaic of art and history, proving that even forgotten figures deserve to shine in the spotlight of art and memory.

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