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Bacon | mostre Treviso


An exhibition devoted to Francis Bacon is always a challenge, because Bacon is a controversial artist, but at the same time he’s fascinating, and has a demanding public.

The new exhibition project by Kornice aims to give everybody the chance to know Francis Bacon, and a collection of little-known works. I gave you some information in advance about the exhibition dedicated to Francis Bacon in Treviso, and now, after the inauguration, I can tell you in detail the tour of the exhibition.

Bacon | mostre Treviso

The exhibition, which opened on October 15th 2016 and will close on May 1st 2017, is hosted at the Casa dei Carraresi, and is certainly the most original proposal among the events in Treviso.
The exhibition “Francis Bacon” illustrates different aspects of Francis Bacon. There’s the artistic aspect, and then the psychological aspect, which is fundamental to understand his artistic journey (to know more about his life, read the post 5 things to know about Francis Bacon), without neglecting the philosophical and sociological themes emerging from the artworks.
In addition, there are the technique and the use of colour and photography, everything intertwined with his hard life.

Why you should visit the exhibition devoted to Francis Bacon in Treviso

This show is a journey through the dark depths of the modern man, searching for the meaning of life, and going through the drawings of the Francis Bacon Collection of the Drawings Donated to Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino.
A journey in which art and life intertwine: this element is highlighted in the small guide to the exhibition, which the readers who have subscribed to the newsletter got. You can’t visit the exhibition if you don’t enter the life of Francis Bacon.
He went through the 20th century and its contradictions; he witnessed two World Wars, and the arrival on the art scene of the avant-gardes.
He was aware of being a homosexual since he was a boy and for this reason refused by his family, and his life was characterized by his bad habits, such as alcohol, gambling and his several lovers.

Bacon | mostre Treviso

Bacon | mostre TrevisoBacon | mostre TrevisoBacon | mostre Treviso

Bacon | mostre Treviso

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Francis Bacon
15th October 2016 – 1st May 2017
Casa dei Carraresi, Via Palestro 33-35 – Treviso


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