Impressionism in Treviso

Renoir | bambina con uccellino

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mademoiselle Fleury in costume algerino (1882).


At last, the exhibition dedicated to Impressionism and its stories has arrived in Treviso.
140 works will be on display at the Museum of Santa Caterina from October 29th 2016 to April 17th 2017.

It’s a large exhibition which will never bore you, because the works on show are great masterpieces.
The tour begins with an exhibition inside the exhibition. Three masterpieces painted by three artists who influenced the art of the late 19th century with their representation of female image: “Venere che sorge dal mare” (“Venus rising from the sea”) by Titian, “The Feast of Herod” by Rubens and “A woman in bed” by Rembrandt.

From here you’ll begin an incredible journey into the history of painting which, since the 19th century, had its point of reference in France, where artists all over the world arrived and drew their inspiration from Impressionism. Among them there were the Italian artists Giovanni Boldini o Federico Zandomeneghi, but also the American painter Edward Hopper.

mostra impressionismo

In this exhibition you’ll find the passion of the curator, Marco Goldin, but you’ll find also a high artistic quality of the works of art on show, that will allow you to better understand the origins of Impressionism, and then the development of the movement in a scenery in which different points of view coexisted.
In fact, there were several artists who were still linked to academic painting, whereas other artists began experimenting with new techniques, such as photography.
In that period of time there was a high concentration of very talented artists, many of whom would develop new artistic languages.
Impressionism featured all the ideas of modernity, and everything that would happen on the artistic scene of the 20th century, and this interesting trait is highlighted in this exhibition.

On display there are 140 works of art, and all the greatest masters of Impressionism are there. You’ll admire “Le Clown” (“The Clown”) and “The portrait of Mademoiselle Irène Cahen D’Anvers” by Renoir; the “Still Natures” and “Le Petit Lange” (“The Young Lange”), characterized by a dazed look, by Edouard Manet; the “Willows at sunset” by Van Gogh and “The Water Lilies” by Claude Monet.

In addition, you’ll admire the portrait of Diego Martelli, art critic and intellectual, and a friend of the Macchiaioli, depicted by Degas, and then works by Delacroix, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Cézanne, Sisley, Coubet, and a large amount of works by other masters who lived and worked in that extraordinary period of changes and new ways to create art.

The exhibition is divided into 6 sections, which I described in detail some months ago, and which illustrate the origin, the development, the crisis and the transformation of that artistic movement which changed the rules of painting. Wanted to examine the present in order to seize the moment, used colour to find light and considered Japanese art to be a model of elegance and balance.
This is one of the few exhibitions devoted to Impressionism which illustrate the origin and the development of the most important artistic movement of art history. You can’t miss it, and please pay attention to some important details before you exit.

Unmissable paintings

Along the tour of the exhibition, works of Japanese art and photographs are displayed in order to underline where the Impressionists got their inspiration.
They’re works by authors such as Hiroshige and Hokusai coming from the Museum of Oriental art of Genoa and Turin or from private art collections.

On show photos by Gustave Le Gray coming from the Victoria and Albert Museum of London and the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Renoir | Piccola Irene

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mademoiselle Iréne Cohen d’Anvers (1880).

Berthe Morisot | donna e bambina su un prato

Berthe Morisot, Donna e bambina in un prato a Bougival (1882).

Monet Ninfee

Claude Monet, Ninfee (1908).

Claude Monet | La Senna ad Argenteuil

Claude Monet, La Senna ad Argenteuil (1874).

Manet | ritratto di bambino

Edouard Manet, Ritratto di un bambino della famiglia Lange (1861 circa).

impressionismo mostre

Storie dell’Impressionismo 
Treviso, Museo di Santa Caterina
29th october 2016 – 17th april 2017


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