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Are you an artist, a gallery owner or do you want to start living together art and culture on the web? Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot.


Nothing can replace a trip to an art gallery or a museum. But a premium .ART domain can certainly help draw more visitors and keep customers engaged during closures. .ART domains also facilitate opportunities to showcase individual work or projects, and provide the perfect website address for creative businesses or organisations. From photographers to artists, art sellers, art recruiters, curators, galleries, museums, and creative start-ups – the .ART extension is used widely online, and it’s easy see why…


‘The art worlds only domain’: .ART is the only domain zone created specifically for the global creative community. Nothing says art sector more than… well… .ART It’s universally understood and integrated in all languages.

.ART is relevant and connected to your industry/business: It sends out a professional image, inspires trust from your visitors, and helps them easily find your business online.

.ART provides a wide choice of short, and memorable domain names: .ART offers a wide range of domain name options so you can find a domain name that is clear, concise and relevant.

.ART sponsors innovation in the art world: .ART fosters creativity by managing various awards and special projects. By joining .ART you will expand your boundaries and become part of a growing network of creatives.

.ART is on the leading edge of a growing digital aesthetics trend inventing new and exciting digital services in the name of art and creativity. Check out to see a self-generative, continuous (non-linear) display of a moving image narrative.



There are countless providers selling domains online and, for many, the options are overwhelming. But don’t just pick any old one – some providers offer you a better chance of success in your online project or business. We recommend OVHcloud, the number 1 domain registrar in Europe with over 5 million domain name registrations worldwide, and here’s why:

The provider offers a re-direct from your social media channels: Socials are big in the art world – especially Facebook and Instagram. A premium .ART domain name re-direct gives you an alternative communication channel to boost your website visits and increase your reach.

OVHcloud let you configure the extension with your professional email address: Your email account is the most direct form of communication with your audience/customers. Make it professional and effective by using your website extension in the address. 

Their DNS zone management is intuitive! Being a fine art painter doesn’t necessarily mean your bad with tech. Still, effortless DNS management ensures you can easily change the DNS zone of your domain name, so it points directly to your site. It also means you can adapt email settings and create subdomains (

OVHcloud protect your website against cache poisoning. OVHcloud offer an industry-leading ‘DNSSEC service’ to keep you and your audience secure at all costs. Cache poisoning can do some serious damage, especially if your visitors input personal of financial details on your site.


  1. artthe museum in Rome has been highly effective at keeping the conversation going, despite its temporary closure.


  1. artMagazzino Italian Art; a well-known museum located near New York.


  1. art– Beautiful and unique; this website is well worth a look!


  1. art – Curator and Art Consultant Brunno Silver’s online portfolio.


  1. art– An architect company in Italy who also make great use of their online space.

With plenty of domains to choose from, we recommend visiting OVHcloud to find your perfect .ART extension; communicate with customers, look professional online, improve your websites reach and be part of a global creative community.


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