Interior Design: How To Decorate Blank Walls

Wall decorated with different wicker handmade trays and baskets. Eco style and concept, Moroccan culture.

Wall decorated with different wicker handmade trays and baskets. Eco style and concept, Moroccan culture.


Interior design helps to add a layer of color, texture, beauty, and meaning to your home. However, it’s far too common to get stuck with blank walls because you either don’t know what to do with the wall, the best décor for your style or are afraid of failing in your attempt to decorate.

Whatever the reason for your blank walls, this article will share some wall decoration tips in addition to the traditional framed photos or art. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but as you’ll see, a little versatility can go a long way.

Here’s how you can decorate your blank walls

Square frame Woven tapestry metal bull head and plant hanger decorations against white wall. The woven wall hanger has a geometric pattern design and fringes.

Square frame Woven tapestry metal bull head and plant hanger decorations against white wall. The woven wall hanger has a geometric pattern design and fringes.

  • Go With Tapestries

Woven or a tapestry wall hanging is a unique and ideal décor for adding texture and warmth to interior spaces, especially blank walls. You can have a statement piece as a large wall hanging that sits on its own and the focal point of your décor or a smaller one that blends in with other wall art décor. Tapestries come in different patterns, colors schemes, and shapes, and you can find something that tickles your décor style.

You can hang a tapestry in any room, including your child’s nursery, where they can serve as noise buffers. The material clothing provides a more natural texture to look at. In addition, you’re not afraid of someone knocking and breaking it by accident. There are several ways to hang your tapestry, including the following:

  • Stretch it over a frame
  • Use pushpins or nails
  • Secure with wall adhesive if you can’t use nails
  • Hang it on a rod
  • Frame it
  • Create A Plant Wall

Just like a wall tapestry, hanging plants or placing them against the wall is excellent blank wall décor. They’re particularly great when you have a small space and want some flowers but lack the floor area to place them. But they work well for any kind of space. They’re excellent for adding texture and depth to a room in addition to the beauty of the natural green color.

If you’re a plant lover, you must have some plants in other areas of your home. Here’s what you can do to decorate your blank walls; make an indoor garden wall by adding shelves for your plants or hanging them against the wall. However, the pots, hangers, and planters are also décor on their own and an excellent way to show personality and style.

  • Make A Basket Wall

You can create a basket wall to add dimension, texture and unique beauty with woven baskets as another alternative to traditional wall art. They make excellent and visually exciting wall décor. For the best look, find several baskets—the more, the better, and find a visual balance with various sizes. It works best if you have a cohesive color scheme.

Basket walls are ideal for any wall and are great options for rustic and boho-style spaces. It’s a lightweight, casual, yet creative way to fill up a blank wall without overwhelming a room. Whether you choose a colorful or neutral color scheme, an assortment of baskets can truly liven up your blank walls.

  • Grid Gallery Wall

If you’re a fan of a particular artist and own a collection of a few of their pieces or similar style artwork, this is an excellent option for you. Consider decorating your wall with a grid gallery, which is relatively easy to achieve. A grid look is seen a more formal and is an excellent option for transitional or traditional spaces and styles.

It’s simple because you don’t need to think too hard about it. All you need is to pick a theme and plan the layout. You can use canvas or frames to form a grid. It’s recommended that you get the same size, color, and material for frames so that you can create a unified look. However, if you’re interested in this type of blank wall décor approach, but you don’t have the artwork, look for sets of artworks.

Other tips can be found in the post dedicated to how to decorate with paintings.

  • See Doubles With Mirrors

Mirrors make terrific and straightforward wall décor for walls in different rooms, especially for the living room. There are many ways to decorate walls with mirrors. You can lean an oversized mirror against a wall or use smaller mirrors as a piece in the gallery wall. Large mirrors are visual anchors over furniture and help to that create a room’s focal point.

In addition, mirrors are a practical wall décor, and you can use them to make small spaces appear larger. A mirror can fill a blank wall in the bedroom and still give you a perfect way to see how your outfits look on you before stepping out.


As you can see above, there are many ways to decorate your interior while still filling up empty walls. These are simple yet practical ways and projects that you can undertake yourself without spending a fortune.


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