Kandinskij, knight errant



Kandinskij and his relationship between art and science and the metaphor of travel as a cognitive adventure.
All the most important themes of the founder of Abstract art in the exhibition running from March 5th to July 2nd 2017.

I put the event on the list of the unmissable exhibitions of 2017, and in a little while you can visit it.

The exhibition will show works coming from the most important Russian museums, some of them have never been displayed in Italy before, and will retrace the formative period of the artist’s visual imagination.

You can also “enter” into his paintings and navigate through them with the help of multimedia tools which will allow you to make one of Kandinsky’s desires come true, exactly as he wanted:

“For years I tried to get spectators to walk inside my paintings. I wanted to force them to lose themselves, even to disappear inside”.

Kandinskij, in Cavaliere errante ( Kandinskij knight errant ) – In viaggio verso l’astrazione
15 march – 2 july 2017
MUDEC – Museo delle Culture, Milan


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