Emerald in Venice, an exhibition that celebrates a color

Smeraldo | Venice exhibition


EMERALD in Venice is an exhibition but also a tribute to a color and its many variations.

Celebrated and loved, the Emerald is one of the most precious stones and the artists selected by Ayune Maisano Namur in collaboration with Arte Design Venezia interpret the search for the preciousness of life.

EMERALD in Venezia

Basia Kilian | opera

Basia Kilian

The works exhibited for the SMERALDO exhibition in Venice are paintings, photographs and sculptures, created by artists from Germany, France, Poland, Australia, Japan, Russia, Pakistan and Italy.
These are works that speak of feelings, of transformation, of something important and precious, but which cannot be perceived, understood or expressed in an objective, logical or rational way.

Each artist expresses his vision through the choice of a precise technique, leaving the viewer free to observe. The works exhibited, therefore, can be in tune with the observer and initiate that dialogue that is the basis of every artistic work, a contact between the creator and the observer.

Picasso said:

“If there was only one truth, one could not paint a hundred canvases on the same theme”

EMERALD in Venice exhibits works of various kinds.
Some works in large formats aim to make an impact and absorb the viewer in their immensity. Photos printed in smaller sizes, on the other hand, bear their strength in their beauty and in the construction of a new look.
Water and the ocean are main themes in several of the artworks, including sculptures that are provocative and draw our attention to the importance of preserving the environment.

Selected artists:

Basia Kilian, Angelika Michalik, Magdalena Maestri, Zephrard, Kenjiro Asaki, Sehr Yaqoob, Meike Preusser, Inna Etuvgi, Luigi Pirastu.

Inna Etuvgi | opera

Inna Etuvgi



The exhibition is promoted by the Cultural Association Art Design Venice and is curated by Ayune Maisano Namur.

WHERE: It is held at the Galleria S. Eufemia Giudecca 597, Venice (Palanca stop).

WHEN: from 4 September to 12 September 11am 19pm every day, free entrance

Luigi Pirastu | scultura

Luigi Pirastu


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