Maya: language of beauty

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An exhibition dedicated to the Maya culture will arrive in Italy, and it will run from October 8th 2016 to March 5th 2017.
On show around 300 works of art which will allow you to explore all the aspects of one of the most fascinating civilizations of the Pre-Columbian Americas.

The exhibition itinerary will be divided into 6 sections, where sculpture, architecture, musical instruments, jade masks, jewellery, and the most important masterpieces of Maya art will be the elements that will allow you to discover one of the greatest Pre-Columbian civilizations, and the mysteries of this enigmatic people.

SEE ALSO: pictures of the exhibition on Post Impressionism which was held in Verona at Palazzo della Gran Guardia, but also the photos of the exhibition dedicated to Paolo Veronese in the same location.

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Maya – Il linguaggio della bellezza
8th october 2016 – 5th march 2017
Palazzo Della Gran Guardia, Verona


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