Hotel Mo.Ma., an exhibition by Monica Marioni

Monica Marioni | Casa Gallo


Hotel Mo.Ma. is an exhibition by Monica Marioni which is a dialogue between content and container, between the works on display and the exhibition area.
The place chosen for this dialogue is Casa Gallo, at Palazzo Brusarosco-Zaccaria in Vicenza, one of the many amazing works designed by architect Carlo Scarpa.

This building that was once the residence of the Gallo family,  who commissioned Scarpa the renovation project in the early 1960s, becomes the home, or rather, the temporary hotel of Monica Marioni’s works.
And that’s how the container becomes the scenery, but also the protagonist of an exhibition where also visitors are an active part of the project.

Monica Marioni converses with Carlo Scarpa 

Monica Marioni | Carlo Scarpa

Monica Marioni and Casa Gallo

Hotel Mo.Ma. is an exhibition illustrating the transformation of a domestic place into an ideal temporary hotel inhabited by works by Monica Marioni and the public.

Photographs, installations, audio works and performances will find their own space in the rooms which follow one another in a flowing but also unpredictable way.
This way Casa Gallo becomes a container, but also a stage where the works convey messages and communicate through architectural forms.
The exhibition tour allows visitors to establish a relationship not only with the works by Monica Marioni, but also with the rooms designed by Carlo Scarpa, and as a consequence with their own imagination.

In every form of expression used, Monica Marioni’s attention always focuses on human figure, which she represents through a vast range of expressions, in order to illustrate fears, anxieties and neuroses of contemporary life.


WHEN: from February 9th to March 9th 2019
WHERE: Palazzo Brusarosco Zaccaria Contrà Porta Santa Croce, 3 36100 – Vicenza – Veneto
Curator: Maria Rosa Sossai

Hotel Moma | Monica Marioni

Carlo Scarpa | Monica Marioni

Monica Marioni and Carlo Scarpa – Vicenza (Italy)

Carlo Scarpa | Casa Gallo

Monica Marioni, Casa Gallo – Vicenza (Italy)

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