My visit to the exhibition dedicated to Boccioni in Milan

Umberto Boccioni | self-portrait

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Self-portrait.

My visit to the exhibition dedicated to Boccioni in Milan

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. On the centenary of Umberto Boccioni’s death, Milan hosts an exhibition which retraces, in a new and original way, the artistic path of one of the main artists of the 20th century.

I took part in a reserved visit, just a few hours before the official inauguration of the exhibition. I visited the empty rooms of Palazzo Reale (the Royal Palace), where the works were ready to welcome all the visitors who were queuing up, waiting to enter.

Bocconi | Palazzo Reale Milano

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan.

In the post about the preview of the exhibition dedicated to Boccioni in Milan I wrote that the works on display would be 250, but, actually, the exhibition will feature almost 280 works including drawings, sculptures, paintings, photographs, engravings, books, magazines, and documents.
The exhibition will present several novelties, so on show you will not find an array of famous works I love particularly such as “Riot at the gallery” which I described in a post and you can admire at the Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Art Gallery).

The exhibition will show unpublished documents for the first time and will offer an itinerary designed to highlight the visual sources that contributed to the artistic formation and the evolution of Umberto Boccioni’s style.
The heart of the exhibition is Boccioni’s scrapbook, the so-called “Atlante della Memoria” (Atlas of Memory), a group of documents collected by Boccioni himself which have been recently discovered.
In this book the artist collected postcards, drawings, and everything could capture his interest, creating a sort of collection of images, which summarize his creative path and his interests.

The exhibition in divided into two large sections: Formation and Futurism.
The first section shows Boccioni’s diaries, written between 1907 and 1908, together with his first works, and works by his masters. It’s a chronological itinerary presenting his friendships and his influences: Segantini, Previati, Divisionism, and especially classical and Renaissance art.
The second section, instead, is dedicated to Boccioni’s adhesion to Futurism and the application of the theoretical principles you can find in the documents of the movement, which Boccioni signed together with other artists.
This is probably the most fascinating section, because it shows the works in which Boccioni represents the city of Milan subject to transformation, and where the artist describes the modern man, the enthusiasm for speed, and where the paintings and the sculptures represent a study on movement and dynamism.

I’ve already included this exhibition among the most important exhibitions you must see in April 2016, and I believe it will be so until its closure on July 10th 2016.
For this reason, the small guide all the subscribers will get freely every month will be dedicated this exhibition.

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exhibitions in Italy | Umberto Boccioni

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan.

Boccioni | sculptures and paintings

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Sculptures and paintings.

Umberto Boccioni | Palazzo Reale

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Portrait.

Boccioni |diary

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Diary.

Boccioni | futurism

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. The installation is made of interconnecting rooms and a strong visual impact.

exhibitions in milan

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. The exhibition also features the artists that inspired Umberto Boccioni.

Segantini | angel of life

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Segantini – Angel of Life.

Boccioni a Milano | postcards

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Atlante della memoria.

Bocconi | workshops at porta romana

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Workshops at Porta romana.

Bocconi | drawing

Exhibition Boccioni in Milan. Showcased the designs of Umberto Boccioni.

Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916). Genio e Memoria
March 23 – July 10, 2016
Palazzo Reale, Milan


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