Turin in two days: what to do in a weekend

Image source: Turin Italy Guide.com

Have you ever thought of exploring Turin, the most regal of Italian art cities, on a weekend getaway? With its rich historical cultural heritage, Turin is a destination worth discovering.
In this post, I propose a two-day itinerary among the most fascinating museums and sights in this elegant and refined city.

Turin in two days

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Capodimonte Museum in Naples: what to see and how to book tickets

Naples is renowned for its gastronomic specialties and lively folklore, but we cannot forget that it is also a hotbed of culture and art. Among the various museums in Naples, the Capodimonte Museum stands out for its exceptional collection: it is here that some of the city’s most significant and unmissable works of art can be found.

Cosa non perdere al Museo di Capodimonte

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What is Dadaism: the artistic revolution of the twentieth century

Gioconda | Duchamp

La Gioconda di Duchamp. Image source: https://it.wikipedia.org

Are you familiar with Dadaism and have you wondered what exactly it represents in the vast universe of art? This movement, which emerged in the early decades of the twentieth century, radically transformed the perception of art and the role of the artist, laying the foundation for the advent of later currents such as Surrealism.

Through this post, I want to take you into the heart of Dadaism, discovering together its origins, its defining characteristics, and its lasting impact on artistic culture.

What is Dadaism: the artistic revolution of the twentieth century

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Florence in two days: what to do in a weekend

Duomo Firenze | Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore

If you want to go to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, and wish to visit in just two days, you have come to the right place.
The city of Florence, with its wealth of works of art and monuments, may seem like a labyrinth of beauty impossible to explore in such a short time. However, with a well-planned itinerary, you can get to know it thoroughly even in just two days, savoring the essence of what makes this city a jewel of world art.

In this post I will guide you to discover Florence in two days, thanks to the selection of some significant places that this city offers.

Florence in two days

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The creation of man and woman in art: 5 works to get to know

The myth of the creation of man and woman in art has always held a special fascination in every age. Following the creation of the world in art, the moment when the Earth is occupied, by divine hand, by man and woman allows us to reflect on the fate of humankind, our past and consequently our future. 
In this post I share five works, from the Christian tradition, that have interpreted this important and fascinating theme.

5 must-know works depicting the creation of man and woman in art

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