Exhibition locations, the guide for not making (avoidable) mistakes

Let us not fall into the deception of believing that organizing an exhibition is easy. Art deserves a place of honor in the world, considering that it is the testimony we leave to future generations.

From ancient cave forms to Renaissance masterpieces, we have never stopped looking for a way to deliver thoughts, feelings, current events to posterity. But how to plan an exhibition? What influences the choice of a place to display artworks? An in-depth study.

How to organize an art exhibition: let’s start with the essentials

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How to get tickets for the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Everyone agrees that on a trip to Madrid Pablo Picasso’s majestic “Guernica” on display at the Prado Museum is a must-see, but perhaps not everyone knows how significant an impact Barcelona had on the life and work of the famous Cubist painter. Right in the heart of the Born district, Barcelona is home to a museum entirely dedicated to him, collecting thousands of his creations, including paintings, sculptures, sketches and ceramics.

Types of tickets for the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

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Exploring the works of Agostino Ferrari: a journey through the art of the sign

Agostino Ferrari, Interno / Esterno, 2011, cm 150 x 150, acrilico + sabbia su tela

How can an artist explore and transform a single element until it becomes the focus of his artistic expression? In this post I want to share with you some things I have discovered about Agostino Ferrari, an important artist in the Italian art scene, born in Milan in 1938.
Agostino Ferrari’s works are distinguished by his innovative use of sign, an element that has characterized and continually renewed his style over the years.

The works of Agostino Ferrari

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The greatest art theft in history

In the early hours of March 18, 1990, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston was the scene of the largest art theft in history. Two men dressed as police officers appeared at the museum’s entrance, claiming to have been called to respond to an emergency call.
Naively, the security guards allowed them access, and once inside, the fake police officers quickly immobilized the guards, binding and gagging them in the basement, taking total control of the museum.


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