Palazzo Colonna in Rome: tickets for the famous Gallery

The Colonna Gallery is located inside Palazzo Colonna in Rome and houses one of the largest private art collections, with works by Tintoretto, Perugino, Rubens, Bronzino and many other internationally renowned artists. But the architecture of the Palazzo and the Gallery itself are works of art, expressions of the Baroque and other styles that were integrated during its long construction.

The palace covers about three hectares and is the largest noble residence in Rome, where the descendants of the Colonna family still live today. Originating from the village of the same name near Rome and with a history stretching back thousands of years, the Colonna family was a patrician lineage that gave birth to a Pope (Martin V), cardinals, men of letters and statesmen. How can one buy tickets for the Colonna Gallery and Palazzo Colonna? And what wonders do they house inside?

Online tickets for Palazzo Colonna in Rome

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The eternal fascination of the Fano Altarpiece: Perugino’s masterpiece

Have you ever had the privilege of admiring the Fano Altarpiece, a Renaissance masterpiece by Pietro Vannucci, known as Perugino? In this post, we will explore together the history and details of this extraordinary work, which is kept in the church of Santa Maria Nuova in Fano and has been temporarily relocated for security reasons to the Museo del Palazzo Malatestiano in Fano.

The eternal fascination of the Fano Altarpiece: Perugino’s masterpiece

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What to see in Prato: museums, exhibitions and places you should visit


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Have you ever wondered what Tuscan city contains a heritage of art, history and gastronomy still little explored by mass tourism? With this post, I invite you to discover what to see in Prato, a pearl nestled in the hills of Tuscany, where fine fabrics mingle with ancient flavours.

On this page you will find all the suggestions for exploring every corner of the Tuscan city. Here you will find a collection of the museums in Prato that I consider unmissable; some of the most evocative palaces to visit; churches and places of interest that you absolutely must see and also photograph.

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Discovering the Ancient Kitchens of the Castle of Miramare in Trieste

What secrets are hidden in the service rooms of a castle, and above all what do the Ancient Kitchens of Miramare Castle in Trieste have to reveal?
In the heart of Trieste, the Castle of Miramare has finally reopened the doors of its kitchens, revealing the secrets of a history also made up of scents and flavours.

In this post I take you on a tour of a new wing of the Miramare Castle accessible to the public, a place where you can discover what was prepared in these kitchens and what dishes Maximilian of Habsburg and Charlotte of Belgium liked to enjoy with their guests. A new stage of the visit to the Miramare Castle in Trieste.

The Ancient Kitchens of the Castle of Miramare in Trieste

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