Who is Robert Indiana, life of a revolutionary artist

Robert Indiana: Exploding Numbers, 1964–66, Oil on canvas. Four panels: 1: 12 × 12 in. (30.5 × 30.5 cm) 2: 24 × 24 in. (61 × 61 cm) 3: 36 × 36 in. (91.4 × 91.4 cm) 4: 48 × 48 in. (121.9 × 121.9 cm) Photo: Courtesy of Tom Powel Imaging, New York; Artwork© 2024 Morgan Art Foundation Ltd./ Artists Rights Society (ARS), Courtesy The Robert Indiana Legacy Initiative

How can art encapsulate the complexities of the human condition and the simplicity of shapes, words and numbers? Robert Indiana is the artist who more than any other has been able to transform simple everyday signs into pure art.

Life of Robert Indiana

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Dadamaino: the works of an art icon

Have you ever heard of Dadamaino, the Milanese artist who has redefined the boundaries of Italian and international art since the late 1950s?
In the constantly evolving artistic universe, few have been able to express so powerfully the sense of research and reflection on existence as Dadamaino.
In this post I take you on a discovery of this extraordinary artist.

Dadamaino: the works

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Le mostre da vedere in Aprile 2024 in Italia

L’effervescente mondo dell’arte promette eventi straordinari ad Aprile. Prepariamoci dunque all’apertura di una serie di mostre che trasformeranno le città italiane in luoghi in cui l’arte e la creatività saranno protagonisti assoluti.
Da Venezia a Rovereto, fino a Genova, ecco le 5 mostre da vedere ad Aprile 2024 in Italia, che cattureranno la tua attenzione.

Preparati a vivere un viaggio nella bellezza senza precedenti.

Le mostre da vedere in Aprile 2024 in Italia

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Milan in two days: Discovering the artistic wonders of Milan

Chiesa di San Gottardo | Duomo Milano

Are you planning a Milan weekend and want to know what you can see in Milan in two days? You’ve landed in the right post!
In this post I propose a two-day itinerary to discover the city’s most iconic attractions, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in Milan’s rich history and artistic heritage. 

Follow me on this journey through the artistic wonders of Milan, where every palace and every street tells a story and every work is a masterpiece.

Milan in two days

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Cosroe Dusi’s Romeo and Juliet: a rediscovered masterpiece

Cosroe Dusi, Giulietta e Romeo, 1838 ca. Olio su tela, cm 218 x 164. Casa di Giulietta, Musei Civici di Verona. Archivio Fotografico dei Musei Civici. Ph BAMSphoto

To witness the rediscovery of a work of art is always a great thrill, especially if it is a painting that had been missing for centuries. This is what happened at Juliet’s House in Verona, one of the most iconic places linked to the tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet.
A priceless artistic treasure has finally returned home: the 1838 painting of Romeo and Juliet by Cosroe Dusi, a work in which the Venetian painter depicted the sweet nocturnal encounter between the two lovers, a universal symbol of love and passion, in the house of the young Capulet.

Romeo and Juliet by Cosroe Dusi

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