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The post containing the list of the most beautiful museums to see in Madrid comprises the Sorolla Museum, and now I’ll tell you why you must visit it and which works you must see.
The house of the Spanish artist Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida is now one of the most interesting museums to visit, not only because it contains the masterpieces of one of the most famous artists of the early 20thcentury, but also because in these rooms you’ll find the warmth and the light of the scenes he painted.

The original atmosphere of the house pervades the Sorolla Museum and in addition to the largest collection of the painter’s works, you can visit his studio.

Sorolla Museum

Giardino Museo Sorolla | Musei Madrid

Il Giardino del Museo Sorolla


The Sorolla Museum is probably one of the best preserved artist’s houses in Europe and in addition to the rooms in the house you can visit the garden, designed by Sorolla himself and where you can understand his need to represent the light.

The museum was established in 1925, when the artist’s widow bequeathed all to the Spanish state in order to create a museum to preserve Sorolla’s works for future generations.

Sorolla | Passeggiata in riva la mare

Passeggiata in riva la mare – dettaglio


Strolling along the Seashore – or Walk on the beach – (1909).
The beaches of the Mediterranean Sea are a permanent feature in Sorolla’s paintings.
From the popular scenes whose protagonists are fishermen, to the paintings depicting women strolling along the beach and children playing under the beach umbrella.
“Strolling along the Seashore” is one of the masterpieces painted by Sorolla who is able to portray the body in motion, and looking at the painting you can almost feel the sea breeze ruffling the dresses.

Bride from Lagartera – or Typical Lagarterans – (1912)
Sorolla was committed to paint the library of the Hispanic Society of America in New York, and he decided to make some trips to Spain searching for regional types subjects and landscapes to find inspiration to paint a series of paintings on life in Spain.
That made him the best ambassador of Spanish culture in the world and the “Bride from Lagartera” is representative of the role played by Sorolla, because it depicts a typical scene of Spain.

Sorolla | la sposa di Lagartera

La sposa di Lagartera

The White Slave Trade (1895)
Sorolla was not only an ambassador of Spanish culture but his paintings give us a glimpse into the Spanish society, too.
He did several portraits of Spanish nobles, politicians and intellectuals, but he also depicted the hard life of the lower social classes.
“The White Slave Trade” is an important painting because it depicts the female condition and in particular the condition of the Spanish prostitutes asleep on a train.

Sorolla Museum, official website MUSEO SOROLLA 

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interno Museo Sorolla | Musei Madrid

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