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Some exhibitions illustrate stories of great painters, others are devoted to artistic movements, and then there are exhibitions you visit to have fun, and inside it you can find a piece of history of cinema and popular culture.
In this post I’ll talk about an exhibition made up of toys created for the Star Wars Saga, but which have become a piece of history of contemporary culture.
Star Wars. Play is on show in Rome, at the Vittoriano, from October 28th 2016 to January 29th 2017.

If you are a Star Wars fan, you can’t miss this exhibition.
It displays a small part of the private collection of Fabrizio Modina, who is one of the most important science fiction memorabilia collectors in the world, and professor of Fashion Design at the IED of Turin.


Why you should visit the exhibition

 When the first Star Wars film was released, it had an unexpected success. In fact, film production companies had thought that the science fiction genre was barely profitable, so George Lucas himself, the film director, had financed partially the project, controlling the merchandising since the first chapter of the Saga.

The exhibition itinerary traces the events of the Saga through toys which Hasbro has created since 1995 up to nowadays.
They are fundamental in order to finance all the following chapters of the saga.

Star Wars is a movie which has transformed itself from entertainment into cult, from a fairy tale into amusement to adults, and has developed into philosophical reflections on what Good and Evil are.
George Lucas through Star Wars has modernised science fiction making it realistic. Drawing inspiration from the greatest classics of literature, from “The Hidden Fortress”, a 1958 movie directed by Akira Kurosawa, and also from the 1963 “Flash Gordon” TV serial, Lucas has created a whole universe with its own history and characters with their mysterious past, for whom spectators, little by little, have felt empathy, both for those who stand by the good and for those who stand by the bad.


Fabrizio Modina

Fabrizio Modina

Guerre Stellari. Play
Dal 28 ottobre 2016 al 29 gennaio 2017
Complesso del Vittoriano – Ala Brasini di Roma
Arthemisia Group e Kornice.

Photo credits Iskra Coronelli 2016


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    • Guerre Stellari è un caso unico tra l’altro, che attraversa già due generazioni diverse di spettatori.
      La mostra, come i film della Saga (l’ultimo è previsto in uscita al cinema proprio Venerdì) li vanno a vedere genitori e figli ormai 😉

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