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 Guido Salvini | mostre Torino


Man Ray said about photography:

“Light can do everything. Shadows work for me. I make the shadows. I make the light. I can create everything with my camera”.

I think he was right: photography is a matter of light and shadow, and maybe of chemistry, too.
The Fusion Art Gallery in Turin will allow you to reflect on what photography is, and it will present BACTERIA, Guido Salvini’s solo exhibition.

 Guido Salvini | Fusion Art Gallery

What kind of exhibition is it?

It’s an exhibition made up of images, which don’t portray reality or photographer’s creativity.
The images are visual forms that created themselves independently, and will make you reflect on what photography is actually, as well.
A huge amount of photographic material transformed by the action of bacteria facilitated by dark and damp, which spontaneously created new images.
It’s neither a photographic project nor a scientific experiment, but a reflection which brings the very nature of photography into question.

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 Guido Salvini | arte contemporanea

Guido Salvini . BACTERIA
10 dicembre 2016 – 14 gennaio 2017
Fusion Art Gallery di Torino
A cura di: Barbara Fragogna

La mostra rientra nel circuito di NEsxT Independent Art Network e fa parte di COLLA la nuova piattaforma delle gallerie torinesi, che hanno recentemente realizzato anche With Colored Content .

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