Street Art in Europe: 5 European cities to visit


I’ve been thinking about making a funny and colourful journey, and moreover dedicated to art, for a while. Odd as it may seem, I dream of discovering European cities to visit just to admire street art.
You know that I love street art, and I am still moved when I remember my visit to the exhibition on Keith Haring arranged in Milan in 2017 to celebrate the artist symbol of urban culture.

This virtual tour through European cities where to admire street art masterpieces will begin from Keith Haring.
This itinerary is one of my long-cherished dreams, and sooner or later I’ll make this journey. In the meantime, I’m going to share it with you, and I’ll be waiting for your comments about the works you recommend to me.

Here are 5 European cities to visit just because they house street art masterpieces.

Keith Haring a Pisa. Image source: Weekend Romantico


Keith Haring’s last work is housed in Pisa and is entitled “Tuttomondo”.
It’s a large mural covering the wall of the church of Sant’Antonio Abate.
The idea stemmed from the meeting between the USA artist and a student from Pisa, and it took him a week to create it.
I dedicated a special post about “Tuttomondo”.

street art Polonia

Urban Forms Gallery


A project dedicated to street art which gives several artists the chance to express themselves in a city become the capital of Polish urban culture.
The project is supported by “Urban Forms Gallery” Foundation which will provide you with a map of the artworks you can admire all around the city.

Banksy Bristol

Banksy, Park Street, Bristol.


Nobody knows who he really is, but he’s the world’s most famous street artist, and it seems that his home town is Bristol, because here his first works appeared.
Bansky’s works insert themselves into the urban furniture of the city; they are ironic images and are often a denunciation of our society.
Bristol, thanks to Bansky has become a popular destination for artists coming from all over the world, and in the city you can admire a lot of works, but moreover, here an unmissable graffiti festival takes place: Up Fest.

In October 2013 Banksy planned a one-of-a-kind artistic project, which was described in a documentary. I write a post about “Banksy does New York”.

Efèmero Lisbona

Museo Efèmero, Lisbona.


Lisbon is an open and stimulating city.
Here there’s the Museu Efémero (Ephemeral Museum), an open-air museum where works are created and incessantly re-elaborated, like they take on a life of their own after appearing for the first time.

Estside Gallery | Berlino

Estside Gallery, Berlino.

5 – Estside Gallery IN Berlin

The East Side Gallery is the most beautiful open-air art gallery and is full of history.
It’s the longest fragment remaining of the Berlin Wall, which separated West Berlin and East Berlin, and which over the years has been covered with murals and graffiti which represent freedom of expression.
When the Wall came down artists coming from all over the world arrived here to leave their own mark on the longest fragment remaining of the wall.

LEGGI ANCHE: 5 cose da sapere su Keith Haring.

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    • Flower Thrower è stato realizzato a Gerusalemme sul muro di un’abitazione privata. Quello di Berlino è una riproduzione ma francamente non ci sono notizie certe che sia una riproduzione fatta dallo stesso artista. Quando lui non le rivendica è quasi certo che si non si tratti di una sua opera.

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