Swatch watches to collect: Swatch at the Venice Biennale

a Swatch Art Special, WIDE ACRES OF TIME


Swatch watches have marked some of the most important landmarks in my life.
It was a Swatch the first watch my parents bought me; I got many Swatch watches as a birthday present, and it’s a Swatch the watch I wear every day and I’m wearing right now, while I’m writing this post.

In my opinion Swatch watches have always been a symbol of colour and creativity.
Therefore, I wasn’t surprised when I saw a whole Pavilion at the Venice Art Exhibition 2017 dedicated to four young talented artists and a collectible Swatch created for this edition of the Venice Biennale, indeed.
In fact, when I gave you my opinion about the Biennale Arte 2017, I also gave you four good reasons to visit it, and the Swatch project is one of these reasons.

A Swatch Art Special, WIDE ACRES OF TIME by a Swatch Art Special, WIDE ACRES OF TIME.

The love story between Swatch watches and art begun with the company itself, because since its beginning the choice of using plastic was considered to be almost a sacrilege (the same thing happened when Kartell begun its production of plastic furniture).
So, it was natural that the brand built collaborations with the best creative talents to open up new paths and possibilities never explored before for an object such a watch, that for someone is almost a cult, but until Swatch arrived on the scene it was monochrome.

Swatch limited edition for Biennale Arte 2017

Thus, the installation “Giardini colourfall” by Ian Davenport at the Swatch Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2017 is perfectly natural, like the watch “Wide acres of times” available in a limited edition of 1,966 pieces.

But the presence of Swatch at the Venice Biennale 2017 doesn’t end here, because at the Arsenale venue there are four artists who are the protagonists of “Face & Traces”, bringing to Venice the result of their experience at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, a place opened 6 years ago in Shangai in order to be a crossroad of people and experiences.
Intensity made these four artists who are now in Venice stand out, and they show the ability to speak different languages and build new collaborations.
I look forward to buying a new Swatch watch!

Cédric Van Parys | Swatch Pavilion Venice


Rodan Kane Hart | Swatch Pavilion Venice

Rodan Kane Hart , WESTERN DEATH MASK(S).

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