The Beethoven frieze by Klimt

Gustav Klimt | The Beethoven frieze

Klimt, The Beethoven frieze (detail)


The narrative theme is an interpretation of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, whose Ode to joy, conducted by Mahler, was performed for the opening of the event.
Klimt is a portrait of the great musicians to put a face to its armed knight, who heeds to the human desire for happiness and goes forth to join Poetry as she awaits him.
To be able to do so however, he must cross a hostile and dangerous world ruled by the forces of evil, monsters, disease and madness, lust and pain.
It must pass through this world of pain to get to the flower paradise, where there will be the final embrace of love.

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Only art, according to the artist, can guide us in the ideal realm of pure joy.

Klimt | Beethoven frieze

Gustav Klimt | Fregio di Beethoven

Klimt, il Fregio di Beethoven (dettaglio)

The Beethoven Frieze is preserved and exhibited at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere in Vienna .




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