The white in the art


The white in the art.
A trip in the works of three artists who have interpreted the white.

White in the city a project that will involve some of the most prestigious locations in Milan, Accademia di Brera, Pinacoteca di Brera, Palazzo Cusani, San Carpoforo, Class Editori Space, connected by means of a single itinerary, in a series of steps that cover the many meanings, symbolism and uses of White, each their own, unique interpretation.

The colour white, is historically a symbol of well-being, sustainability and tranquillity; not a starting point but a point of arrival, a destination, that involves all the disciplines of the project, from architecture to visual arts, from design to fashion.
White in the city, the result of Italian talent that will make it possible to bring together different visions, cultures, artists, architects designers, businessmen, students and members of the general public, in a context where quality and excellence will meet as never before, a meeting which will pervade the senses of the visitor.

White, a motor of change for well-being in living spaces.

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