Colour and energy in the works of Beatrice Zagato

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Launching a message of positivity, this is the meaning of Beatrice Zagato’s works and the initiative launched by Sita Murt/.
A collaboration combining art and a well-known Spanish brand united by the desire to spread beauty while respecting the environment.

Influenced by Catalan modernism, Madeline Gins and Jagoda Buich, among others, Beatrice Zagato believes that art should spread as far as possible in the world, reach everyone in the world and infect the Planet with the joy of living.

The works of Beatrice Zagato

Beatrice Zagato | artista

When I first met Beatrice Zagato, I was struck by her works that move like sea waves, take on a three-dimensional form and seem to reproduce the breath of the world.

Beatrice Zagato’s works are colour in motion, energy that overwhelms you, air that flows through them and rhythm.
This is why she has been chosen by the well-known Catalan brand Sita Murt/, to exhibit in its flagship shops in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Girona, and to contribute to spreading feminine talent.

“Colour conveys energy because it speaks directly to the emotions without the filter of reason and thought. Movement conveys vitality, everything that moves is alive. Every curve expresses femininity and sensuality, it is energy that vibrates and transmits life,’ Beatrice explains. “My works are born as a response to the difficult situation we are experiencing worldwide. Through them I want to bring a smile, convey a message of strength, feed enthusiasm and the desire to believe in beauty’.

His are not simply paper artworks.
Beatrice Zagato creates her works using 100% natural paper, created with pure cotton and water from local, Italian and French paper mills.
Her works are therefore the expression of an artistic idea and research that includes the choice of materials made using traditional and environmentally friendly production methods.

Beatrice Zagato’s works are not only aesthetically beautiful, they speak of a world full of materials that can be used without harmful environmental impact.
The message it conveys is one of pure positivity that overwhelms the observer and for a moment makes us forget the pandemic, war, economic and climate crisis.

Reinforcing this collaboration are the values of sustainability shared by Sita Murt/ and Beatrice Zagato.
The artist in fact creates her works using pure cotton fibre paper, produced by local paper mills – French and Italian – that follow traditional production methods that respect the environment.
Sita Murt/ prefers to use natural cottons and local raw materials for her collections.

Beatrice Zagato | mostre


Beatrice Zagato x Sita Murt/

Beatrice Zagato’s works will be on display until 31 August.
Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Girona.

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