Art can swim in Blub’s works

Blub | Modigliani

Blub, Modigliani


His art is gentle and colours the forgotten corners of city streets, Blub’s works are recognisable because they depict art icons and famous people of the past wearing a diving mask.

From Botticelli’s Venus de Botticelli to the Mona Lisa, from Giuseppe Verdi to Dante Alighieri, from Van Gogh to Dali, there are many characters that, between reality and fantasy, have been represented by the mysterious street artist Blub.

The works of Blub

Blub | Isabella d'Aragona

Blub, Isabella d’Aragona

Of Blub’s works almost everything is known, of him absolutely nothing.
Determined not to reveal his identity to the public, Blub has made inroads into the historic centres of many Italian cities and towns, and has exhibited in the most prestigious institutions, from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples to the Louvre Museum.

“Although we may find ourselves in a sea of difficulties, in life we always have the resources to learn to swim. Art is one of these resources,’ says Blub, ‘Water is my element. From water comes life, it is the hidden side of matter. When you are immersed, the moment stops and there is no weight, while thoughts flow in a suspended dimension. For this reason, I propose characters who have conveyed an example of greatness that can still survive today, right under water, timeless”.

Blub began his work in the autumn of 2013 in Cadaqués, Catalonia, in the fishing village that Salvador Dali also loved.
In November of the same year, he paid homage to the Florentine district of San Niccolò on the anniversary of the flood.
Venice, Rome, Ravenna, Lucca, Pisa, Mantua, but also Barcelona, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Lisbon and even Rio de Janeiro were the stops on his creative journey, which rightfully enter among the European cities to visit to see street art.

Blub | Cupido Sub

Blub, Cupido Sub

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