Beyond nature with the works of Jeff Robb

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Jeff Robb’s works are the result of his studies in botany, his passion for the natural world and his experimentation with the latest 3D technologies.
Perhaps more importantly, his works reflect his deep study of the human mind and how it works.

Playing with light and form, with scientific observation and surrealist flair, Jeff Robb takes us into a parallel universe of extraordinary beauty.

The works of Jeff Robb

 Jeff Robb | Flowers

Each of Jeff Robb’s works begins with a simple love of nature.
The artist studies hundreds of flowers, different varieties, colours and shapes to create images that are then processed in 3D and digitally ‘sculpted’ to create the final work.

I am interested in the world of quantum physics – says the artist – and the things that science cannot really answer, like light and time. We still don’t know what light or gravity is. However, as an artist, my primary goal is to create visually interesting works and the reason behind my work is of secondary importance. Artists ask questions, not answer them.

In his work, Jeff Robb explores how the human brain interprets information and unresolved questions that logic and science cannot explain. These issues are at the core of his creative poetics.

Looking at one of Jeff Robb’s works is like looking at psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach’s famous inkblots.
By folding the paper while the ink is still wet, a bilaterally symmetrical image is obtained and viewers are asked what images they see in the stain. Similarly, viewers of Robb’s images see more than just flowers.

Before our eyes, petals become draperies or waterfalls, butterflies or otherworldly creatures. Likewise, pistils and stamens become dancing figures.

Jeff Robb | flowers

Jeff Robb | works

An exhibition that is an expression of the artist’s philosophy:

I am trying to cross the barrier between painting, photography and sculpture. It is completely unexplored territory, but I am trying to cross the boundaries as a medium.

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