Art at the cinema on DVD: 3 movies I recommend to you

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Do you like art at the cinema but films are on at the cinema too little time?
Don’t worry, it’s a common problem, and I’ve recently missed out many opportunities to watch movies dedicated to art and artists, too.

So, how can you make up these movies to watch them in the comfort of your own home? And which are the latest DVD releases you must see?
You’ll find the answer to these questions in this post, where you can find also a list of 3 movies I watched and I recommend to you 🙂

Art at the cinema on DVD

Fortunately, all art-related movies which are on at the cinema are distributed on DVD and Blu-ray, too!
For those who love art at the cinema like us, online is available a long list of titles which contains, in addition to films in limited edition, many available movies on DVD dedicated to art.
Movies are readily available for sale. Here is a list of the 3 most recent films I watched on DVD and I recommend to you.

1. The Story of Women and Art (2015) – Award-winning author and historian Amanda Vickery hosts this engrossing look into an often-overlooked subject: the life and work of female artists. The series offers a comprehensive examination of women artists, from the Renaissance through the early 20th century.

The Story of Women and Art (2015)

2. American Masters: Basquiat: Rage to Riches (2018) – Jean-Michel Basquiat was a rock star of the early 80s art scene: he lived fast, died young and created thousands of drawings and paintings. It took less than a decade to go from anonymous graffiti writer to an epoch-defining art star. He has emerged as one of the most important artists of his generation and now exhibits in museums all over the world.

American Masters: Basquiat: Rage to Riches (2018)

3. Vermeer, Beyond Time (2017) – Vermeer, Beyond Time explores the life and work of one of the most loved, influential, and well-known artists, Johannes Vermeer. Images from his paintings have become part of our collective imagination and are instantly recognizable.

Vermeer, Beyond Time (2017)

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