Art in Tuscany: cities to discover

arte in Toscana


There’s plenty of art in Tuscany to see, but, apart from Florence, which are the cities to discover?
Florence is certainly the starting point of every trip to Tuscany and to know what to see in this charming city, take a look at the list of works of art in Florence  you shouldn’t miss.

If, instead, you are going to explore other cities of Tuscany, rich of art as well, here are some places you can’t miss and which will leave you breathless.

Art in Tuscany: cities to discover

An art tour in Tuscany is not difficult to plan.
If you’ve already visited the major Florence museums, all you have to do is leave and admire the surroundings to discover the abundance of this region of Italy.
Among green hills, medieval cities and very ancient villages is not difficult to fall in love with Tuscany.


Siena in one day

Siena | art in Tuscany


If you are looking for art in Tuscany, Siena is a must-visit city.
You can visit the historic centre on foot and make a dive into medieval times.
And it is no coincidence that in 1995 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List!

You can’t miss Piazza del Campo, where twice a year the Palio di Siena takes place. The Duomo (Siena’s Cathedral), instead, boasts the most beautiful floor ever made. The Duomo floor is uncovered for a few weeks each year, and is decorated with 56 scenes in marble intarsia designed between 1300 and 1500 by major artists of that time.

The beauty of Pisa

Pisa | art in Tuscany


If you’re looking for art in Tuscany and people tell you to go to Pisa, the famous leaning Tower will come immediately to your mind. But in Pisa there’s much more to see.

You should start from the Tower, that is a must-see attraction (I’ve also written the post Tower of Pisa tickets where you’ll find all useful information to book the entrance ticket) and overlooks the entire Piazza dei Miracoli, to enjoy the wonderful view of the city from above.
However, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the historic centre of Pisa, where you’ll admire Gothic churches, Romanesque buildings and Renaissance palaces.

A walk in Lucca

Lucca | art in Tuscany


Did you know that Lucca is the only Italian city that is still surrounded by its original medieval city walls?
You can’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Lucca to walk on the city walls and ascend its towers.
This is the best way to admire the city from above!

But, before leaving Lucca, don’t forget to enter St. Martin Cathedral to admire the  “Funerary Monument to Ilaria del Carretto” (1406-1408), Jacopo della Quercia’s masterpiece, and  “Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints” (1479) by Ghirlandaio.

24 hours in Pistoia

Pistoia | art in Tuscany


Pistoia was named Italian Capital of Culture in 2017 and its thousand-year old history makes it a charming place.
Founded by the Romans as a fortress, you should visit the city historic centre on foot; otherwise you might run the risk of missing out on the opportunity to admire the beauty of this place.
For more information read also Pistoia: what to see in 24 hours, where I described my tour and where you’ll find my advice to visit the city.

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