Gardens to see in Italy: the most beautiful and the least-known ones

Giardini in Italia | Giardino di Ninfa


Which are the gardens to see in Italy and the most beautiful ones?
The question is not simple, because you are spoilt for choice: in fact, there are hundreds of gardens different for history and landscapes, and it’s not easy to decide which the best are.

However, if you need to choose where to start from, I’ve decided to make a list of the gardens to see in Italy which are not popular among tourists, and therefore they may offer a visit to discover those less famous places, but not less beautiful.

Gardens to see in Italy 

At a time like this, when it’s better not to gather in indoor places, the visit to gardens is one of the best choices you can make.
Choosing to take a holiday or a trip in the surroundings of a garden or a park you can visit, will make you to live in contact with nature, explore new places, discover the stories of personalities who have shaped nature creating wonderful places, and especially will make you admire the multiplicity of experiences you can enjoy in Italy.


The Garden of Ninfa in Cisterna di Latina

Garden of Ninfa | gardens in Italy

Garden of Ninfa

The Garden of Ninfa is an English-style garden which looks like a painting did by a Romantic painter.
The garden is crossed by many watercourses and lies on the remains of an ancient medieval village.

It was in the first half of the 20th century that the Garden of Ninfa, as we can see it today, came to life, thanks a project to create an English-style garden on commission from Marguerite Chapin and her daughter Lelia in the 1930s.
Among all gardens to see in Italy this is the garden of marvels, where the remains of the ancient medieval village mix and match with more than 1,300 plants.

  • Plan your visit: For more information and to book your visit, look at the official website – Garden of Ninfa

The Hanbury Botanical Gardens in Ventimiglia

Hanbury Botanical Gardens

Hanbury Botanical Gardens

In Ventimiglia, in Liguria, you can visit the Hanbury Botanical Gardens.

Sir Thomas Hanbury
bought ancient Palazzo Orengo and the area on the promontory of Capo Mortola, but it was his brother Daniel, pharmacist and botanist, who designed and carried out the project aimed at creating the gardens.

Among the gardens to see in Italy this is one of the most important gardens of acclimatization in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Plan your visit: For more information and to book your visit, look at the official website – Hanbury Gardens 

The Botanical Garden in Villa Monastero in Varenna

Gardens and Villa Monastero in Varenna

Gardens and Villa Monastero in Varenna

The botanical garden of Villa Monastero in Varenna, in Lombardia, lies on Lake Como and is surrounded by a suggestive landscape.

It was German Walter Kees who acquired the Villa in 1897, which was initially a Cistercian nunnery, and wanted to enlarge the park by collecting rare and new plant species, making it a Botanical Garden in all respects.

The tour crossing the park will make you admire not only the plants but also the architecture added over the years, consisting of statues, temples, fountains and other decorative elements.

  • Plan your visit: To visit the garden and the Villa you’d better book.
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