Art lithograph: what it is and an online platform for artists



Greatest artists have always loved experimenting with new techniques and many of them, starting from the early 19thcentury, have created works using the technique of lithography.
But what is exactly lithography and which are the available instruments that today an artist can use to create a lithographic art printing?

In this post I’ll explain what lithography is, but especially I’ll give you the details to discover where today you can create high-quality lithographs.


Art lithograph: what it is and an online platform for artists



Lithographyis a method of printing based on the immiscibility of oil and water.
The invention dates back to 1796, and in a sense the process is not complicated, but it’s the skill of the printer to make a lithographic print a work of art.

The process uses an image drawn with fat on the surface of a limestone or a permeable material, then some water is applied on the surface and the drawing is transferred from the stone to a paper sheet.
The technique doesn’t entail incisions but only a drawing on the surface of a stone and for this reason it offers many expressive possibilities, differently from other printing techniques, crating for example the sfumato.
But pay attention, lithography reproduces artworks in limited editions, and they are not absolutely identical.
Each lithograph is unique.


The fundamental elements which determine the quality of lithographs created by great artists are: the ability of the printer and his harmony with the artist during the different phases of the process.
Hence, finding a Master of lithographic printing who has the experience and ability required to transform his work into a real art lithograph is fundamental to an artist.

Among the artists who tried their hand at this technique you must remember Géricault and Delacroix, but also the Impressionist artists Manet and Degas and then Cézanne, Paul Gauguin and obviously Pablo Picasso.
From the 20thcentury on, the list of the artists is almost endless.



But finding a Magister of lithographic printing is not easy.
It’s an artisanal work which has to guarantee the uniqueness of each lithographic reproduction.

To meet the needs of the artists who look for the excellence in graphic printing, PrintLitoArt, one of the most innovative platforms in the world which combines the experience of Magisters (artisans of the Graphic Arts) with new technologies has been established.
A key instrument for artists who want create and at the same time want to present their works to the public.

This is a platform on which artists can customize their own lithographs online, and at the same time they can have a direct contact with an expert capable of accompanying all the phases of the creation method of the artwork: from choice of all the types of paper available to simulatedcolourtest, up to the special processing you can find on the official website of PrintLitoArt.

Collectors can see an artist gallery featuring artworks which has the authentication of the Magister.

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