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Bacon in Treviso. There are artists I love deeply, and I hurry to visit the exhibitions dedicated to them, no matter where the next exhibition will be arranged.
Instead, there are artists I always try to avoid, but at the same time they are a magnet for me, and I think of them and think them over, and the more I think of them the more they unsettle me, and I can’t help thinking about that.

Francis Bacon is the artist who more than others is capable of unsettling me (I’ve already talked about the exhibition dedicated to Bacon that will take place in Treviso from October 15th 2016 to May 1st 2017).
It will be the chance for me to deal with his works once and for all, and to lose myself in his visions.
This exhibition has aroused my curiosity and I can hardly wait for this autumn. In this post I’ll explain you why.

Francis Bacon | mostre Treviso


Bacon is the damned artist of the 20th century.
Irish-born, member of a family that boasted among its ancestors the philosopher Francis Bacon, Bacon was aware of his homosexuality since he was a boy, and for this reason was turned out of the house by his father.

Bacon’s works are the representation of the sufferings of the modern man who goes through intense pains, and it’s difficult to classify precisely his artistic journey.
Bacon rages against the human figure, he deforms it and he tears it apart, while in the same period in art world abstraction was influenced by the new American avant-garde of Action Painting created by Pollock, that Peggy Guggenheim had contributed to promote, and Peggy herself became aware also of the strength of Bacon’s works.
Peggy bought Bacon’s works in order to add them to her art collection, which would become the most completed art collection of the art of the 20th century: the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

That’s why I wait for the arrival of this exhibition with curiosity.
Because it will be the vision of the work of a lifetime, the unresolved torments and anxieties of an artist who has crossed the ‘900 and all its contradictions.
I am ready to enter the dark side of the history of the ‘900 and you?

Bacon pittore | mostre Treviso Francis Bacon | mostre Treviso


Francis Bacon
From 15th Ottobre 2016 to 1st May 2017
Casa dei Carraresi, Via Palestro 33-35 – Treviso


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2 thoughts on “bacon in Treviso: the story behind the exhibition

  1. Ho visto nella mostra di el greco a Treviso un Bacon a confronto. È molto difficile entrare in quei segni schizofrenici, disordinati che urlano un disagio esistenziale potente. Spero ci siano audio guide alla mostra!

    • L’audioguida c’è e comunque il percorso è accompagnato da alcune spiegazioni per comprendere come e perché Bacon arriva a realizzare quel tipo di opere.
      A breve gli iscritti alla newsletter riceveranno anche una mini guida della mostra per comprendere meglio questo artista.

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