Boccioni at the Mart museum

Bocconi | Gisella

Umberto Boccioni, Gisella (1907) – Galleria Naz. Cosenza.


Exhibition dedicated to Umberto Boccioni. On the 100th anniversary of the death of Umberto Boccioni a series of events have been arranged to celebrate this great artist, starting with the great exhibition held in Milan Umberto Boccioni. Genio e Memoria (Umberto Boccioni. Genius and Memory), as I told you in a post I dedicated to my visit to the exhibition.

The last leg of this year devoted to Boccioni will be in Rovereto, and in this post I’ll give you full details about the exhibition.

Bocconi | Ritratto di scultore 2

Umberto Boccioni, Ritratto di scultore – Valerio Brocchi (1907) – Patrimonio Unipol Gruppo.

After the exhibition organized in Milan, from November 5th 2016 to February 19th 2017 the Mart Museum in Rovereto will celebrate Umberto Boccioni. The exhibition is not a very model of the exhibition held in Milan, because the masterpieces from the collections of the Mart Museum will be added to the original tour of the exhibition. The Mart is capable of interacting with the near Casa d’Arte Futurista Depero, that I included in the list of the most important museums you must visit in Trentino and continues the narrative begun with the exhibition I pittori della luce. Dal Divisionismo al Futurismo (Painters of light. From Divisionism to Futurism). I dedicated a post to the tour of the exhibition.


The strongest message the exhibition “I pittori della luce. Dal Divisionismo al Futurismo” (“Painters of light. From Divisionism to Futurism”) can spread is that Futurism cannot exist without Divisionism. It was in the “Manifesto tecnico dei pittori futuristi (“the Technical Manifesto of Futurist painting”) itself that Futurist painters declared that “non può esistere pittura senza Divisionismo” (“painting cannot exist without Divisionism”), and following this belief they carried out a revolution, the Futurist revolution, of which I gave a definition in a post dedicated to Futurism.

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Umberto Boccioni is one of the protagonists of this revolution, and his masterpieces and some important documents contained in the collections of the Mart Museum will allow you to follow his passage from Divisionism to Futurism, and to integrate the tour of the exhibition held in Milan.
Why should you visit the exhibition dedicated to Umberto Boccioni?
Because it is different; it displays new works that weren’t on view in Milan, and it is part of a wider project which will put Rovereto again at the centre of the debate on the modern painting in Italy.

Bocconi | Controluce

Umberto Boccioni, Nudo di spalle (Controluce), 1909 – Mart Museum.

Bocconi | Treno che passa

Umberto Boccioni, Treno che passa (1908) – Collezione città di Lugano.

Bocconi | moglie di Balla con la figlia

Umberto Boccioni, La moglie di Balla con la figlia (1906) – Mart Rovereto.

Bocconi | costruzione spiralica

Umberto Boccioni, costruzione spiralica (1913) – Museo del Novecento, Milano.

Boccioli | ritratto di Sophie Popoff

Umberto Boccioni, Ritratto di Sophie Popoff (1906) – Collezione Laureati Briganti.

Mart Rovereto
I pittori della luce. Dal Divisionismo al Futurismo
25 Giugno 2016 / 9 Ottobre 2016

Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916). Genio e Memoria
5 Novembre 2016 / 19 Febbraio 2017

LINK for exhibitions. for reservations.

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