Borghese Gallery tickets: how to book and what to see

Galleria Borghese | musei Roma

La Galleria Borghese, Roma.


Borghese Gallery tickets or guided tour?
If you are undecided about what to do and what to book to see in the most fascinating museum of Rome, I suggest you read this post to understand what is the best way to approach the visit to his masterpieces.

In this post you will find everything you need to know to organize your visit, book tickets and get to the museum.

Borghese Gallery tickets


To visit the Borghese Gallery ticket reservations are required for all visitors.

There are two ways to book your ticket:

Opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday. From 9 am to 7 pm- last admission at 5 pm.
Closed on: Monday, December 25th, January 1st.

Visiting procedures: a maximum of 360 people are admitted at a time for 2-hour visits according to the following schedule:
9 am-11 am/ 11 am-1 pm/ 1 pm-3 pm/ 3 pm-5 pm/5 pm-7 pm


THE PARK – Borghese Gallery tickets to see the most fascinating museum in Rome.
It was built by Cardinal Scipione Borghese (1579-1633), the nephew of Pope Paul V, who in the early 17th century commissioned the construction of Villa Borghese and surrounded by a huge park, to house his art collection.

MASTERPIECES – The nucleus of the collection on display at the Borghese Gallery consists of a series of sculptures Cardinal Borghese commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini, but also paintings and sculptures coming from archaeological excavations carried out in Rome.
In this post you’ll find everything you have to know to organize your visit, buy your tickets and get to the Borghese Gallery.

The Borghese Gallery houses a rich collection of works of the most famous artists of Italian art: from statues by Bernini and Antonio Canova, to paintings by Raphael, Titian, Antonello da Messina, Caravaggio, Correggio and Bellini.
Cardinal Scipione Borghese’s attention, to whom we owe this amazing art collection, was focused on ancient, Renaissance, and contemporary art.

Despite the works housed there are extraordinary, over the following centuries the Borghese Collection has lost many important works.
In 1807 Camillo Borghese sold to Napoleon statues, busts, bas-reliefs, columns and many vases that now constitute the Borghese fund of the Louvre Museum.

THE SECRET GARDENS – the 17th-century gardens of the Uccelliera and the Meridiana were created at the behest of Scipione Borghese in the early 17th century and, despite the many alterations they have undergone over time, have retained their original layout.
Fine and exotic flowers, which were very fashionable at the time, were once cultivated and displayed here, and today it is still possible to admire the original geometric ‘cassette’ arrangement (the flower beds of the time).

In the gardens, one can admire a collection of citrus fruits, with different varieties of Citrus limon, the most classic of lemons, but also Citrus mitis, sinensis, maxima and limetta; marsh hibiscus and mutabilis, also known as cotton rose, and many other species.
It is also possible to admire the Meridiana garden recently greened by the planting of more than 1,500 specimens of viola cornuta antique roses.

Access to the garden is free of charge and included in the museum ticket. Reservation is required to purchase the ticket.

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Apollo e Dafne | Bernini

Apollo e Dafne di Bernini

Antonio Canova | Paolina Borghese

Antonio Canova, Paolina Borghese. Galleria Borghese, Roma.


The Borghese Gallery is located in Piazza Scipione Borghese 5, inside the Villa Borghese Pinciana (the Borghese Villa on the Pincio).

By metro: Line A, getting off at Flaminio or Spagna stops.

My advice to you is to choose the metro and to get off at the Piazza di Spagna stop, because it’s near the Park surrounding the museum. It takes you 20 minutes to get from Piazza di Spagna to the Borghese Gallery.

By tram: Lines 19, 3, 2.

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