Cerralbo Museum

Cerralbo Museum | Madrid

Cerralbo Museum, Madrid

Cerralbo Museum is the ancient residence of Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa, collector and marquis of Cerralbo.
The marquis had a great passion for art, and he collected paintings, a lot of items, and he promoted a lot of archaeological excavations.
From the beginning the palace was built in order to be both a residence and a place where all the artistic riches accumulated by the marquis himself and by his descendants could be stored.

Museum Cerralbo’s artistic heritage consists of more than 50,000 items: paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, furniture, books, and medals.
However, the museum doesn’t contain many valuable paintings, because the marquis preferred archaeology to painting. Nevertheless, some important canvas hang on the walls, such as a portrait of Alessandro de’ Medici by Bronzino, and the “Portrait of Agostino Doria” by Jacopo Tintoretto.

Besides, you can see some paintings by Palma the Young, by Ludovico Carracci, and by Sebastiano Ricci.

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Cerralbo museum | room

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