Contini ART Gallery: an interview with Stefano Contini

Stefano Contini


Contini Art Gallery in Venice. Just imagine … you’re entering an art gallery for the first time and you can’t help but be fascinated.
Soon your astonishment at the works and artists on display, that you may know or not, will be replaced by an insatiable curiosity about the story and personality of the gallery and the gallerist.

Why are there so many art galleries?
And, above all, where are they located?

I’ll accompany you on a journey of discovery to know art galleries all over Italy and their protagonists, in order to listen to their stories directly from their words.

Alice Traforti, who deals with the selection of the unmissable exhibitions of contemporary art for the blog, but on this occasion interviewed Stefano Contini, director of the Contini Art Gallery, will guide us.

Contini ART Gallery

Today I’ll introduce Stefano Contini to you, who is the director of the Contini Art Gallery in Venice, an art gallery which since 1979 has made his name a brand dedicated to the selection of international masters and highly-talented Italian artists.


Alice Traforti: How and why did you open the gallery?

Stefano Contini: The first gallery was opened in 1979, and later it has been joined by two more.
Today the main venue is in Venice, where you can admire works by great masters such as Manolo Valdés, Fernando Botero, Igor Mitoraj, Robert Indiana and Julio Larraz. Last spring in Venice a new two-floor gallery was inaugurated, dedicated to highly-talented Italian artists, such as Mauro Arlati, Enzo Fiore and Carla Tolomeo.
Two other important venues are located in Cortina d’Ampezzo.


Alice Traforti: Which kind of research are you interested in carrying out and which kind of relationship do you establish with the artists you support?

Stefano Contini: Since the first moment, I never wanted only to buy and sell art.
Rather, I always wanted to follow a long career path along with the artists in order to grow together with them.


Alice Traforti: What difficulties did you face and what goals did you achieve?

Stefano Contini: I encountered difficulties in starting from scratch with the aim of making the name Contini recognizable at international level in the world of art galleries.
A goal achieved also thanks to a great deal of effort put into the field of digital marketing and to the attention for new communication channels such as social media channels.

Giacomo Braglia



Alice Traforti: : Scheduled events 2018-2019

Stefano Contini: On May 19th 2018 we presented an exhibition devoted tojewellery by Igor Mitoraj together with an exhibition devoted to young Swiss photographer Giacomo Braglia.
The idea emerges from two completely different starting points, but which in my opinion can coexist perfectly.
Igor Mitoraj began makingjewelleryin the 1970s: jewels, bracelets, necklaces, rings, hatpins. He made them especially for his pleasure, and only his closest friendscould enjoy these small but great masterpieces he created, and which he had given to very few people: they are practically works of art as icons.
Instead, in reference to Giacomo Braglia, a photographer, I found in him the same delicacy and discretion that Mitoraj had in creating his works.
In his photos Giacomo looks for the poetic and romantic aspect of everyday life and makes it tactfully.
Braglia’s sensitive soul is so palpable that you feel like you’re caressing soft velvet. And an artist who is able to evoke these feelings is certainly a different person, and therefore a real artist.
In addition to these important exhibitions, on June 16thwe inaugurated in Pietrasanta an exhibition totally devoted to Manolo Valdés and his monumental sculptures.

From August 3rd to September 9th2018 at the gallery in Cortina d’Ampezzo the exhibitions by Francesco Salvi “C’è da spostare una macchina” (“Need to move a car”) and by Mario Arlati “Incomplete Flags and…” will take place.


Update and new exhibitions on the official website –

Valdès Pietrasanta

Manolo Valdès, Pietrasanta

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  1. Da quando ho avuto il piacere di conoscerlo ed essergli amico ho riscontrato in lui questa voglia di misurarsi e migliorarsi, in un mondo non certo facile ed in continui cambiamenti non sempre alla ricerca della verità..Contini ha sempre saputo mantenere una sua logica ed una fedeltà alla qualità di ciò in cui credeva.Questo gli ha procurato credibilità e fiducia da parte dei collezionisti amanti dell’arte vera,quella che genera emozioni. Oggi è sicuramente un mercante capace di ben amministrare il percorso dei suoi artisti a livello nazionale ed internazionale, proponedo unitamente opere di alta qualità dei grandi maestri contemporanei.

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