Light and darkness in the works of Omar Galliani

Omar Galliani | opere


Omar Galliani’s works are pervaded by the light-dark dualism of chiaroscuro, allowing images to appear and dissolve, thus becoming visions and symbols.

The works of Omar Galliani

Omar Galliani | ritratto

Works done in black pencil and pastel on board, together with a work on gold leaf and some pencils and inks on paper. These are my favourite works by Omar Galliani, one of the greatest exponents of contemporary Italian art.

In an era dominated by technology and NFT and Crypto art, his artistic research seems to be old-fashioned and countercultural.
Omar Galliani focuses on the possibilities of drawing using charcoal and pencil.

Galliani was born in Montecchio Emilia and fathered Michelangelo Galliani. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and conceptual experiences in the 1970s, he embraced figuration and drawing technique, never separating from it again.
Whether women, body details or objects, his images take shape from a dark, indistinct background.

Darkness and darkness play a prominent role in Galliani’s art because they make it possible for light to emerge, achieving a harmonious balance of contrasts.

Omar Galliani | opera

Omar Galliani | disegno

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